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TreoCentral Announces Winners of the "Hooked on Palm" Contest

Tue May 2, 2006 - 2:31 PM EDT - By TreoCentral Staff

The Contest

On Monday, May 1, 2006, TreoCentral's panel of writers and editors picked the Grand Prize winner of the "Hooked on Palm" essay contest from nearly 300 entries. Zachary Shapiro, a Southern California resident, who submitted a lyrical entry, selected the Palm LifeDrive mobile manager for his prize.

"We were very impressed with the quality of the submissions," said Harv Laser, Managing Editor of TreoCentral. "Passion for Palm was prevalent in everything we read, which made choosing winners so difficult."

A total of 20 winners were chosen and notified. The first runner-up, Charlotte Bennett of Georgia was the surprise recipient of the vintage Palm 1000 in its original 1996 shrink-wrapped package, one of only a handful known to still exist unopened. The rest of the winners will be receiving either a Collector's Edition Palm Birthday T-Shirt, or a 10-percent discount coupon for TreoCentral store, or a Palm commemorative candy tin. If you're on the winners list, you should have received an email notification of your win. Be sure to reply to it to claim your prize!

Zachary's Winning Entry
There once was a rabbi names Zach
Who needed to get things on track
His Palm III was nifty
And now it's a 650
And he'll never buy a "Berry" that's "Black!

"I am so delighted to have been selected as the grand prize winner in the Life Drive/ Palm 1000 contest", exclaimed Zachary Shapiro. "I am a gadget guru, but have been monogamous with Palm since day one!"

Charlotte's First Runner-up Entry
I'm hooked on my Palm 650
It's ever so cute and oh so nifty...
A phone and email there's so much you see
Music and reminders all for me.
Internet, dates and so much to do,
I can save everything, even pictures of you.

"When I read the contest, this little verse just popped in my head, I never expected to win!" Charlotte said. "I love collectibles, so I'll enjoy having this original Pilot still in the shrink wrap. Thanks so much."

Additional Winners
Here are the names (TreoCentral user names) of the rest of the winners:
Jaharr, mooredreed, shaindlin, The Major, Barry Hoekstra, lazaruz, pdunbar711, profjonathan, smallfry, detective, dynamojon, Laxidasical, Joel Wapnick, jskoog, macdaddy, mboszko, meir602, and UnoDOSTreo.

The link at page bottom will take you to all the winning essays.

"We want to thank everybody who took the time to submit an entry to our Hooked on Palm Contest," said Marcus Adolfsson, President and CEO of TreoCentral. "I've always felt that the members our TreoCentral community were the best in the Palm universe, and these entries definitely reinforced my belief."

TreoCentral thanks Palm for donating the prizes for this contest and wishes the company all the best as they enter their second decade.

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