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Weathering Heights for the 700w

Tue May 23, 2006 - 11:52 AM EDT - By Tim Hillebrand

Multi-Functional Programs

Journal Bar $19.95 [ Info ]

Figure 6. Journal Bar from OmegaOne tracks up to 14 cities with a 5 day forecast, along with 200 stocks, news, sports, TV, and movies.

Handmark Express $69.95 [ Buy ]

Several programs include weather as one of their components that you can also think about, but because they do more, they are more expensive. For example, Express One from Handmark costs $69 for a one year subscription. But you get other valuable services such as tracking stocks, news, maps and directions, address and reverse phone directory lookup, movies, a dictionary, and sports. You can buy an individual weather component for $19.99, but I urge you to consider the entire package because of its incredible usefulness and access to a wide array of information. Another similar program is Brand-n-Go. In addition to weather, this one feeds you news, restaurants, movies, directions, shopping, stocks, sports, and eBay online for $49, no subscription required.

Brand-n-go $49.95 [ Info ]

Figure 7. Brand-n-Go is a multi-functional program for both the Pocket PC and Smartphone with a weather component. The right screen shows the current weather. Scroll down for a five-day forecast.

FizzWeather $14.99 and FizzTraveler $19.99 [ Info ]
WorldMate $99.95 [ Info ]

FizzWeather is a standalone weather program. With the fancier FizzTraveler you get the weather component too.

Another multi-function program I recommend is WorldMate. This one is like having a travel agent in your pocket and has a good weather bureau too, but it's pricey at a $99.95 per year subscription.


Weather to Go $0.00 [ Info ]
Weather Info $0.00 [ Info ]

If you'll settle for a barebones weather program without many of the features mentioned, check out either Weather Info or Weather to Go. For instance, Weather to Go only allows you to track three cities.

If you want to take the time and expense of browsing for your weather information, you can get it online with IE from resources such as http://www.weather.com, http://weather.yahoo.com, http://www.accuweather.com, and http://www.wunderground.com.

Are you a text message junkie? If so, you can Google your weather by sending a text message to GOOGL (46645) and putting W and a zip or city and state in the message box. In a couple of seconds, you'll get a weather report. It could cost you online time though. You can also get a weather report by keying in 4INFO with the requested city data. (Google's free SMS service feeds lots of other information too – send the word “help” to 46645 and behold!).


As you can see, there's a baffling array of weather programs for the 700w weather, each with different features that may make choosing one difficult. Some are standalone products, others are part of a suite of applications. Some give minimal information while others offer more depth. The number of cities and days displayed vary. Some emphasize customization. Some are subscription services; others are free. I hope this overview helped guide you in selecting the program that will turn your Treo 700W into a handheld weather bureau.

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