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A trio of slick RexRegina designer cases

Tue Jun 27, 2006 - 4:15 PM EDT - By Jay Gross


Good looks aren't enough. Homely or comely, a Treo case must protect the Smartphone from abrasion by other objects in your pocket, purse, book bag, whathaveyou, in addition to serving as the first line of defense in case of (gasp!) a drop. Function first, then form, then decoration.

Although they won't be as useful in a drop as the heavier, less fashion-conscious cases from other companies, RexRegina's Treo cases do their job quite well. The screen is perfectly protected, as a leather upholstered panel covers it. The Italian leather's soft and pretty, but tough, too, and it feels sound enough to withstand considerable abuse and short drops, although they might not make a positive fashion statement after much abuse. Sorry, I do not drop my Treos to test dropability. You're on your own for this, but I suggest you don't try it at home. Or anywhere else.

Moisture is another potential problem. Open to the elements on top (or side), RexRegina's cases offer little protection from rain, garden hoses, or surfers' wet suits dripping onto your beach towel. In a pocket, you could flip the case upside down so the SD Card slot won't take a soaking, or just stash the phone someplace dry till the storm blows by. As for dunking, forget it. Just forget it.

The cases' finish doesn't seem at all fragile, but everything will abrade when squashed (technical term) against keys, pens, and the other stuff that inhabits pocket and purse during those extended strolls at the shopping malls. What a shame to ruin RexRegina's meticulous finish, but putting a case in a case might be going a bit too far. If your pockets or tote bag are riddled with threats, the untreated, aniline dyed leathers of the Classic cases might be your best bet. Their color goes all the way through. For ultimate protection, you might want to opt for armor plate, instead of mere leather, but remember, nothing is permanent. Ever.


Pretty as they are, and excellently constructed with superb workmanship, it's hard to find anything to dislike about the RexRegina line. I could wish for a slightly looser fit on the horizontal model. And the cases are costly, but quality always is.

Being slip cases, you can't do much with the phone while it's in the case, although the clever design leaves the volume rocker switch accessible so you can use the Treo with a Bluetooth headset. Just set the phone to automatically pass the call to the headset to answer (Prefs > Handsfree > Auto Answer).


Which way to the designers' runway? A lovely mint, a daring yellow, a raging orange, or a blushing rose (a/k/a pink), RexRegina's Harrison and Stanton cases bring a palette of color to the job of protecting your Treo from harm. They surround the phone with luxuriant leather of Italian descent, and the Stanton (horizontal with clip) looks particularly fabulous. All of them protect the Treo beautifully.

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Cost/Benefit 4
Protection 4
Usability 4
Design 5
(not an average)
  • Good to great (Stanton) protection
  • Excellent workmanship throughout
  • Gift boxed, in case you feel generous
  • Wide choice of colors
  • Cons
  • Stanton case has unnecessarily snug fit
  • Snug fit often pushes buttons while inserting Treo into cases
  • Costly

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