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Seidio Crystal Case

Thu Aug 10, 2006 - 3:50 PM EDT - By James Hromadka


In the past, if you wanted a hard case for your Treo, you had to buy what amounted to a metal box. Companies are now coming out with plastic skin cases that strike a balance between protection and convenience. The cases are light and stay out of the way, yet still protect the Treo from scratches and dents.

I recently reviewed the Smartphone Experts CrystalCase for the Treo 650 [Review|Buy]. For Treo 700(w or p) owners, Seidio has recently released its own Crystal Case for the Treo 700. I still don't own a 700 (holding out for the GSM version), but my brother owns a 700w. My family recently went on vacation, so I had the opportunity to try out the Seidio Crystal Case. Will it pass the good-enough-to-give-to-family-member test?


The Seidio Crystal Case is very thin - only 1.2mm thick. Like other plastic skin cases, you lay the Treo in the bottom half and then place the top piece on and lineup tabs to secure the Treo inside. I had a much easier time locking the Seidio case into place than I had with the Smartphone Experts case. No learning curve here.

All of the Treo's main functions are accessible. There are cut-outs for the audio jack, data port, SD slot, keyboard, and of course the Treo's screen. Happily, Seidio also includes a reset pin hole, so if you have a Seidio Battery Cover you can reset the Treo without having to remove the case.


I'm really starting to fall in love with plastic skin cases. Once the Treo's inside, you completely forget about the case. The plastic is very smooth; you can easily slide the Crystal Case in and out of a jacket or pants pocket. The CrystalCase is extremely light, so you won't be cursing its weight while making long handset calls.

It's worth noting that the Crystal Case has no beltclip or lanyard loop; it is designed for those who want to carry the Treo in a pocket or purse. You can, however, use it with a special Seidio holster designed for the Crystal Case. The Crystal Case also fits and docks perfectly into the Seidio INNODock Cradle [Review|Buy] without having to remove the Treo from the case.

Also, make sure you buy a screen protector for your Treo if you plan on keeping it in your pocket.

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