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Samsung WEP200 Headset

Wed Aug 16, 2006 - 2:24 PM EDT - By James Hromadka


Bluetooth headsets continue to get smaller and smaller. One day I'm sure they'll shrink to be nothing more than the size of a hearing aid. There are already headsets like the Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835 [Review|Buy] that forego the earloop, and the challenge for headsets designed like that is to make sure that it fits comfortably inside the ear yet doesn't fall out.

I have never reviewed a Samsung headset before, but my family swears by their mobile phones, so I was looking forward to trying one out. The Samsung WEP200 Headset is a tiny little thing that like the SE headset is an earbud. Is it too tiny?


With a length of just over 1.5", the Samsung WEP200 Headset is the smallest one I've ever seen or used. Its small size comes at the expense of battery life, as it's rated at only 4 hours talk and 70 hours standby time.

Unlike other headsets that have a power supply jack, the WEP200 uses an innovative charging case that doubles as a carrying case for the headset. The charging case looks like what your grandmother would call a pillbox, and the WEP200 fits nicely inside. the WEP200's LED is red while charging, then turns solid blue when fully charged. It's a pretty clever idea since the WEP200 is so small, but some users may not like the fact that you have to carry two things (box and power cable) with you when you travel.

The earbud is unique as well. Samsung provides three different size rubber earbud covers, which I think is a necessity for earbud headsets. Too big and it hurts your ear; too small and it falls out. The earbud cover has a small loop on it that helps secure the headset inside your ear. I remember that with the SE HBH-IV835, sometimes the headset's boom would turn a little, even though it stayed inside my ear. The loop on the WEP200 keeps it from turning.

The WEP200 has the standard volume control buttons and action button that most headsets have, and is completely black, which gives it a nice sleek look. To pair the headset, make sure that it is off and then hold the action button for 8 seconds until the LED is solid blue.


If you've read my other headset reviews, you will know that I'm not exactly a big fan of earbud headsets or headphones. Putting my personal tastes aside, I was very impressed with how well the WEP200 stays inside the ear. It never slid out at all, even when I moved my ear muscles to try to get it to come loose. That rubber loop is more than just a pretty face and you can easily remove and angle it should you decide to wear the WEP200 on the other ear.

The LED indicator is tiny and thankfully doesn't flash too much while on a call (once every 8 seconds). The LED turns red when the battery is low.

The WEP200 emits two short chirps to let you know when a call comes in. For such a small headset, audio quality was surprisingly good. I was very satisfied with incoming audio, which was clear and loud. The other callers also heard me well, and I even heard the rare compliment of "I didn't even know you were using a headset." I tested the WEP200 with both a Treo 650 and a Sony Ericsson K750 mobile phone, and calls on both phones sounded great. I could also switch between the phones without having to re-pair the headset.

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Product Info
> Name Samsung WEP200 Headset
> Company Samsung
> Weight 0.2 oz. (8 g.)
> Bluetooth 2.0
> Talk Time 4 hrs
> Standby Time 70 hrs
> Tested With Treo 650, SE K750 on T-Mobile
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available
> $44.95

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