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Monaco Vertical Pouch Case

Tue Aug 22, 2006 - 11:16 AM EDT - By Jay Gross


Luxury and economy rarely come in the same box. Fly the cheap seats and you don't get... well, you don't get much. Monaco's Vertical Pouch case for the Treo family is a welcome exception. No skimping, yet the price tag inspires smiles.

Well-crafted of cowhide leather, the case has a magnetic latch strap that secures the Treo in the pouch, plus a belt clip. Although the clip rotates a full 360, it's marketed as being of the "vertical" persuasion. By rotating the clip you could wear the case horizontally, even upside down, since the latch holds the Treo snugly. But then it wouldn't be vertical, would it? Let comfort rule.

The latch strap is made of leather, both sides, but the case is lined with soft suede-like material, and the whole shebang is neatly stitched at the edges with contrasting thread. The workmanship is quite good and the overall construction appears sturdy and problem free.


Monaco's Vertical Pouch case is none too pouch-ish. It's open at both ends, bottom and top. The Treo's antenna sticks out at the top--left or right, depending on whether it's inserted facing in or out. However, the openings at the bottom have no function.

Not enough room in there to attach a wired headset, and the openings don't enable access to any of the controls or ports. Ventilation, perhaps, but no real use that I can conjecture.

You'll have to remove the phone from the case to use it. However, if you have a Bluetooth headset or handsfree device, you can answer calls without troubling the Treo.

To make a call, however, or to inspect the screen to see who's calling, you'll have to open the case and pull the Treo out at least as far as its screen and buttons. A wired earphone or handsfree device would have to be plugged in after completely extracting the Treo from the Vertical Pouch, and unplugged before returning the phone to the case.


The Vertical Pouch Case is intended for use with the supplied plastic belt (or whatever) clip, which mates with the permanently attached, plastic button on the case's back. The case is still pocketable, but the protruding clip makes it somewhat cumbersome.

The case fits snugly, and the magnetic latch cinches tight across the Treo when it's nestled inside. Even so, it's quick and easy to remove the case to answer a call. Or make one. Or play games. Or...

No use to even contemplate the dunking test. There's too much open space. In fact, plan on wearing the case upside down in the monsoon season. The openings send an engraved invitation to raindrops.

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