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Blackberry Connect available for Cingular Treo 650s

Wed Aug 30, 2006 - 9:41 AM EDT - By Dieter Bohn


Palm, RIM, and Cingular announced this morning that Blackberry Connect for Treo 650 is now available for Cingular Treos.

PalmSource originally announced the software on Dec 18, 2003; two years later they checked in with another announcement. Today's announcement marks the first time the software is available publicly for Cingular's Blackberry service.

Find out More

You can find more information about Blackberry connect in several ways. Palm has put up an informative page, Cingular's Blackberry service page also has some information, or you can call Cingular's B2B sales information line at 866-4CW-Sb2B. Finally, all three companies are hosting a "webinar" on September 7th at 11am Pacific Standard Time, register here (link currently down, but should be up shortly).


The software is free for users who purchased a Cingular Treo 650 after June 3, 2006. Those who purchased a Treo before that will need to pay for the software (price unknown just now). Customers will also need to switch their data service over to Cingular's "Blackberry Connect" service - beginning at $44.99 per month.


According to the press release, Blackberry Connect for the Treo 650 will support:

  • "Push" corporate email that automatically synchronizes read, unread, and deletion status.
  • Wireless Calendar synchronization that supports accepting and declining meeting requests
  • Attachment viewing using either the Blackberry server or the Treo's built-in capabilities
  • Remote address lookup - get address info from the Blackberry server rather than downloading all of the addresses to your Treo
  • Device management and Triple DES encryption.

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