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Preorder the upcoming Treo 750v for Vodaphone

Wed Sep 6, 2006 - 11:19 AM EDT - By Dieter Bohn

Go take a peek

A preorder page popped up on Vodaphone's site. The information is scant, of course, but it does show a small picture that reveals the standard Treo thumbboard and the stand connector.

There are tabs for "Features" and "Specifications", though neither contains any more information than one could infer from the facts we already know - namely that it will be running Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Edition.

One final interesting tidbit is that they list the handset cost as "From free to £127.66." - which seems to break down to around $250 US. Interesting.

Super-hardcore rumor fanatics can look at the source code for the page to get the sku and whatnot. If that's your thing. You might also notice that the teaser image below is saved as "750v.jpg" on their site. So we know that now too.

Thanks to craigdts for the tip.

Update: Well, Hello there Vodaphone Netherlands. My, what an interesting photo you have!

Final update: the original Vodaphone site now says "Upgrades will be available from launch on the 27th."

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