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Ducker's Comdex Comments

Wed Nov 14, 2001 - 4:18 AM EST - By Michael Ducker

Day 1

It was really a dream - not until the Bill Gates keynote tonight did I realize that I was actually at COMDEX, or as Bill says it, COMDE^xp. The buzz on the plane was all COMDEX - you could easily tell the techies from the senior gamblers.

Las Vegas is an unreal city, which is unbelievably oversized and quite ugly. Yes yell at me for that, but seriously! I thought this the second I got here, and this was my first time in Las Vegas.

I spent the afternoon wandering with my dad, exploring the city – IMHO all casinos on the inside look exactly the same. This is where the fun starts. I got my badge, and tickets for the keynote. Soon after I meet up with Marcus for the first time ever and I briefly shake James and Kenny's hand (they had to go pick up their media tickets for the Gates keynote). So far no PDA stuff, well except for the ads on the taxis for PPC 2002. They picture an m505 showing Graffiti help, against a natural handwriting program in a PPC 2002.

Gates's keynote was actually quite fun, and being my first ever-attended keynote; it lived up to my expectations. As expected Gates talked mainly about Tablet PC's running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (announced in the keynote). An interesting concept, though I really only see it useful in a business environment, not in the home.

Gates also had his super-funny Entertainment Tonight spot - well worth the keynote.

After a lot of talk about .NET, we eventually ended up with the XBOX. Even though it's not at all Visor related, the XBOX is awesome. Problem is that it doesn't have Mario Kart - the best game ever (nobody agrees with me on that one!)

I look forward to the rest of the show, and you can be sure that I will be helping VisorCentral cover Monday and Tuesday morning's COMDEX. It's going to be fun folks.

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