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T-Mobile Spends the Most on FCC Spectrum Bidding War

Tue Sep 19, 2006 - 12:24 PM EDT - By Dieter Bohn

T-Mobile spends $4.2 Billion

Via Daily Wireless we hear that the FCC Advanced Wireless Services Auction is finished - check out the FCC page for full details.

You'll probably want to take a gander at our Gobbledygook Demystified article to even get started understanding all these wireless spectrum politics. The big 'winner' (if you can call spending $4.2 billion 'winning') is T-mobile, who seems to be planning on ramping up their next-generation data network to help with competition.

T-Mobile, however, is staying mum for now: "The company will share more information after the conclusion of the FCC quiet period,” T-Mobile USA said in its statement. T-Mobile had previously been falling behind Cingular in terms of their data coverage and speeds. Heck, maybe they'll start officially supporting the Treo again once they get their 3G network rolled out.

Mobile Crunch adds:

The long and short is that T-Mobile is changing. With their recent handset offerings, this near-future upgrade in network capabilities makes them a contender, or a force to be watched in the mobile field. If they can lay out this type of high-end product while keeping their level of customer service and palatable plans intact, they could easily shoot from number 4 to number 1 in the North American provider rankings. Translation: T-Mobile stalwarts, your day is coming.

All of the other big carriers--and a few smaller ones too--bid big money on getting a bigger reach for the networks. All told, the bids totalled nearly $14 billion - not small potatoes for the FCC. According to Daily Wireless, the chips were stacked against 4G services like WiMAX in favor of 3G services from the get-go.

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