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TreoCentral Wiki Contest Winners!

Wed Sep 20, 2006 - 3:15 PM EDT - By Dieter Bohn


Many thanks to every user who contributed to the TreoCentral wiki during our TreoCentral Wiki Contest! Literally every edit I saw was beneficial and helped make it more informative, organized, just plain better. The wiki isn't stopping there, though, I'll be continuing to add articles myself and encourage everybody to do the same.

Our forums have been such a great resource for both new and experienced users - now our wiki can be as well. There's been so many great posts and FAQ and the like posted in the forums that have just scrolled away or become difficult to find via a search. My hope is that we can gather that great information and make it easier to find in the wiki.

Wondering how to contribute? Your login information for the discussion boards also applies to the wiki, so there's no need to set up a new account. Head on over to the Community Portal] to find instructions about how to edit the wiki. You can keep watching the wiki's Recent Changes page for updates, or if you would like to contribute, here's a partial list of pages that need to be written.

10 Runners-up

But that contest, right? Right. Let's get to it. The runners-up were chosen by a random number generator written by Mike Overbo. Every edit to the wiki during the contest was another entry for one of ten Palm wireless headsets. The lucky winners are:

  1. Tomvb2000 for edits to Managing Available Memory
  2. DougReeder for edits to Custom ROM
  3. Rahenkamp for edits to Cases category
  4. Jwarn3rd for edits to Treo Beginners
  5. Fondoo for edits to WiFi
  6. HobbesIsReal for edits to the FAQ category
  7. Lally for edits to Mac Synchronizing
  8. RawsonDR for edits to Sprint
  9. Webedc for edits to How do I clear the browser cache or delete cookies?
  10. Whatever7 for edits to Sprint

Congratulations all!

Grand Prize

And the grand prize? The grand prize consists of a giant Treo accessory package: the TreoCentral Starter Kit plus a whole smorgasbord of other accessories. It all adds up to an MSRP value of nearly $500.00!

The TreoCentral Starter Kit includes:

The Grand Prize also includes:

There are so many great users in the forums who have posted great articles and edits it was difficult to choose a winner - but our panel of four TreoCentral judges, by a close call, chose the winner of our grand prize. With so many great contributions, it wasn't easy.

Ok, Ok, I'll quit delaying. The winner of the grand prize is:

FrozenCode not only made a big number of edits but added several great articles - see especially the article about using VNC on your Treo.

Thanks to the TreoCentral Store for sponsoring the contest. A gigantic Thank You to everybody who contributed and congratulations again to everybody who won! I'll be contacting the winners via email shortly. Go on and congratulate the winners in this forum thread!

Still have a hankering to win something? Don't forget that TreoCentral is also giving away a Black Tie Edition Treo 650. Details in our TreoCast's show notes and show.

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