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Coming Soon: Full Review of the 750v

Mon Oct 2, 2006 - 6:49 AM EDT - By Dieter Bohn

750v officially in the wild

TreoCentral writer Douglas Morse got his Treo 750v and was kind enough to send on some photos of the device. A full review from Morse will be up on the site next week.

If our hands-on preview video wasn't enough to satiate your GSM Treo needs, take a gander at the photos below. I am particularly pleased somehow by the empty space in the packaging where the antenna would usually be. Sure, Palm could have changed the packaging up so that it was flush with the 750v's smooth topside - but I think that empty space says to the European consumer "See, you're a discerning buyer, none of these filthy American-style aerials for you!"

The image of the innards of the phone remind me about the thinner battery - though I do note that the connectors are the same. I wonder if some enterprising folks could make a battery cover to accomodate the standard Palm battery?

Update: It looks like the reviews of the 750v are already pouring in. If you can read Dutch, you should take a look at this Pocketinfo.nl review. If you can't read Dutch, you can give this "Babelfishified" page a try. Or just do what I do: look at the pretty pictures.

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