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CalorieKing Handheld Diet Diary for PalmOS

Wed Oct 18, 2006 - 10:20 AM EDT - By Jay Gross


CalorieKing is a weight loss company founded by Allan Borushek, known for his national best-seller, The Calorie King Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter, which is used by health professionals and the public, with more than ten million books sold over 30 years. Ten million diets. Scary.

CalorieKing’s Handheld Diet Diary for Palm OS lets you record everything you eat and the exercise you do using the company's huge food and exercise database. It then tracks your weight over time. It graphs your progress on caloric intake, as well as fats, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, in addition to exercise taken. If you keep weighing in, it will also track your weight and display encouraging (or not) reports and graphs. It’s a thorough program backed up by a helpful and friendly website with many valuable tips for dieters.

The program isn’t magic. It can’t turn off food cravings (ice cream!), switch off hunger, or reverse your frustration with that nasty four-letter word, “diet.” It is supportive, to be sure, but dieting is dieting, and you have to supply your own motivation, and will power. Plenty of each.

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Design 4
Features 4
Usability 4
Cost/Benefit 4
(not an average)
  • Extensive database includes many restaurant dishes, even fast food
  • Copy and paste function simplifies repeat entries
  • Free (included) tools for dieters, including waist-hip ratio and target heart rate calculators
  • Helpful tips and articles in the program and online, to steer clear of temptations, reduce fat intake, control calories, etc.
  • Cons
  • User interface could use some improvement, and an Undo feature would be welcome
  • Food information is slightly less in handheld app than displayed online
  • Editing custom meals and foods is difficult, requires delete and re-create
  • Not much support for diabetic diets � the company sells a separate program for that

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