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Motorola to Acquire Good Technology

Fri Nov 10, 2006 - 1:05 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Good Technology has a long history with Palm/Handspring. They used to make one of the first springboard modules for the Visor; the InnoGear MiniJam 32MB MP3 Player Springboard Module for Handspring Visor.

Since then, of course, they've focused on push email with their Goodlink Mobile Messaging software. It's been a great alternative to Microsoft's Exchange server (and was actually available as a push email solution well before Exchange did it out of the box). It's also very flexible - working with both PalmOS devices and Windows Mobile devices equally well.

Well, now it appears that Motorola knows a "good" thing when it sees it -- Motorola has acquired Good. Now consumers might have a choice between BlackBerry Connect or Good software on a Motorola WM device.

"The addition of Good Technology will advance Motorola's vision of seamless mobility," said Ron Garriques, president, Motorola Mobile Devices business. "Good Technology's solutions, talent and customers complement Motorola's business and extend our ability to deliver compelling products and services to enterprise customers. Good Technology's software and managed service deliver a rich user experience, low cost of ownership, industry-leading security and enterprise-class support. These competitive differentiators have led many enterprise customers to choose Good Technology. This acquisition will continue to strengthen Motorola as a leading provider of mobility devices and solutions both for enterprise customers and consumers."

"This is an exciting milestone for our company, and we look forward to scaling our growth as part of Motorola," said Danny Shader, chief executive officer and president of Good Technology. "Motorola's global reach, scale, widely recognized brand and worldwide carrier and customer relationships make it the ideal partner for Good Technology. Our combined teams will create exciting growth opportunities for Good Technology, our customers and our employees. We look forward to working with the Motorola team to ensure a rapid and seamless transition."

I wonder which push email Motorola Windows Mobile device owners will choose; BlackBerry Connect or the Good software? As far as future ramifications for the Treo, the tea leaves aren't exactly clear yet. One of the Treo's weaknesses has always been the lack of a built-in, simple, and easy to use email system similar to Blackberry's or even the Sidekick's. Hopefully Motorola won't take its ball and go home.

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