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Emergency Power Kit

Fri Jun 7, 2002 - 3:19 PM EDT - By Kenneth Crandall


Nothing is more annoying than seeing the "Low Battery" indicator on your Treo and knowing that you are far away from your charger. Since the Treo doesn't have a replaceable battery, you are pretty much out of luck. Seidio has realized that this is a common scenario, and has developed an interesting solution for your mobile lifestyle.

With the Emergency Power Kit, Seidio has incorporated not one but two charging options. Not only do you get an emergency charger which operates off of a standard 9V battery, but you also get a car adapter included in the package. Both solutions work off the same connector - all you do is unplug the battery from the Treo adapter and plug in the car adapter, it's that simple.

The Emergency Power Kit comes in 3 parts: the connector, the housing, the cigarette lighter adapter.

The connector is what you use to plug into the serial port on your Treo. Seidio developed this technology so you can use the same kit to charge multiple objects as long as you buy a different connector piece for each of the electronic devices. Currently, they have connectors available for the Visor Edge, Prism, Pro, and of course, the Treo. Also, their site mentions that they will be making these connectors available for wireless phones as well.

The housing is what you plug everything into: it is basically the hub of this device. On one end you plug the connector; on the other you plug the 9V battery or cigarette adapter. There is a small red LED on the top which lets you know that the device is receiving power. The case comes with a small cover to protect the battery connectors when the device is not being used.

There isn't much to say about the cigarette lighter adapter. Basically, it is your standard adapter with a 9V like attachment at the end to plug into the housing unit.

For a battery you can use any standard 9V battery. Also, if you like you could use a rechargeable 9V batter that would ultimately be the cheaper way.

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