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Sun Sep 24, 2000 - 2:25 PM EDT - By Scott Hanselman

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Programming for the Pilot isn't the easiest thing to do.� In this new world of RAD (Rapid Application Development), Visual Basic, Java, and quick prototypes, programming in C on a device with just a few MBs of memory can prove challenging.� When I wrote GlucoPilot, my Palm Diabetes Manager, I was surprised at the cramped feeling I had while programming for the Palm OS in C.� I had just 11K of heap at the time and 2K stack.� For the non-technical, that's not a lot.� It was like programming in DOS again or on a Mac in 1984.� But that�s life on a tiny PDA, right?� Wrong!


The NS BASIC Corporation first came out with a basic development environment for the Apple Newton in 1994, and they've since released NSBasic/CE and now NSBasic/Palm.� �Nice and Smart� Basic/Palm is sure to establish a strong presence as a powerful �alternative� development environment.

NS Basic/Palm is a complete BASIC development environment for Palm OS devices. NS Basic/Palm provides a full, modern implementation of BASIC, with proper subroutines, user defined data types and no line numbers. The development environment runs on a Windows desktop. Programs can be tested using the POSE emulator, which runs on Windows, or on the device itself. NS Basic/Palm produces standard Palm .prc files as executables.� Here are its features:

  • Easy to use, standard and structured BASIC
  • Over a dozen screen objects
  • Create buttons, fields, popups and more
  • Serial Communications
  • Math and trigonometric function support
  • Produces standard Palm apps
  • Royalty-free Runtime
  • Built in database support
  • Test on the Palm OS Emulator
  • Sample code
  • 150 page Handbook
  • Available for $99.95 USD directly from NS BASIC Corporation's website or by calling 1-888-NSBASIC.
There are a number of Pilot development environments available, including Java, CASL (Compact Application Solution Language), and the GCC �C� programming environment.� NS Basic, however, includes the simplicity of the BASIC programming language, and a visual development environment.

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