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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Talk time 6 hrs talk / 300 standby

Size 4.4"x2.3"x0.9"

Weight 6.3 oz.

Bluetooth Yes

Screen 16-bit 320x320

Availability Available


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Treo 650 from

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  65% Thumbs Down 35%

Would you recommend Treo 650 ?

Yes   No  

Thumbs Up

still better than 700
700P has been a disappointment. Not faster, memory problems, can't address more than 2gig SD card, short battery life. I went back and got a new 650 before they all disappear. Even the 750 will be a step down.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Almost perfect
Recently my mother gave me her Treo 650 since she bought a 680 and i have to say that for me (high school student) its very helpfull in jotting down basically everything and its easy to sync via bluetooth to my Powerbook so I dont have to use any cables, my only complaint is that the volume for the calls is VERY low and as far as i know i dont suffer from any hearing defects so its a big prob. that enables this phone from being perfect
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Yes Treo has a bug that it resets a lot and you lose your preferences, I recommend reset doctor by hobbyist software, it was well worth the $10, it saves all my data and prefs when it resets, which can be often, if you get that then I highly recommend the Treo 650, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Most people just need to take the time to figure it out, if you take the time to see how it works, it will work great for you.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

What an enormous rip-off
Just lost all my data for the third time since June. 25% of the time either I can't hear a caller or caller/callee can't hear me. Palm support is a sick, twisted, outsourced barely-English speaking joke - that'll cost you $25 a pop to endure. Unlocked phone on T-mobile? Goodluck ever getting Versamail to work. I'll never ever ever make this mistake again.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Irreplaceable...nuff said
Bought an unlocked/unbranded 650 and it works like a charm. Haven't had anything to complain about aside from the occasional reboot (does anyone know why this is?) All in all a very solid device, I only hope that Palm improves on their weak points instead of creating new ones (weak points).
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Wonderful Device!
Had a phone, (V3 RAZR) and a Palm, (Tungsten C) Sold them both on eBay and bpught a Treo 650. now I have EVERYTHING I need in 1 unit. A No Brainer as long as you don't load it up with a bunch of useless 3rd party Software. Stick with "best of Breed" apps and you are all set!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Treo650 with Cingular in FL stinks!
I really still don't know how well a Treo 650 OUGHT to work because I nver got a fully functional unit - even after 4 warranty exchanges!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Too many headaches with the Sprint Treo 650
I bought the phone to simplify my life, but it's created too many headaches. Some of the problems relate to the phones, others are attributable to Sprint PCS. Here's a litany: I can't synch the phone to my computer, use bluetooth, or easily access my calendar while on the phone. Sometimes the system freezes. Videos and photos can't be saved directly to the memory card (which forces frequent stops to transfer images manually), and transferred images don't retain the time stamp or manually added details (such as keywords or photo titles). Tech support by phone and in Sprint stores has not been able to resolve these problems. To add insult to injury, I learned yesterday that I'd been charged $36 to activate my device last year, even though the store clerk had offered to do so at no charge!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Have had cell phones and PDAs for years. Palm, iPAQs, and lastly Treo 600. 600 did not have as good reception as my 650 does.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Worth the time and occasional headache
I love my Treo 650, even though it has drawbacks. The volume is a problem; Volume Care is a solution and I agree that Palm should pay for it. The new 650 upgrade is a mess - DON'T DO IT - it killed my treo and Palm is sending me another one. But I wouldn't trade it - except maybe for the 700p, or whatever is the tops when my contract is up. My favorite third party software? ZAGAT'S Restaurant guide - pay one price, get EVERY city. SO cool.
by Anonymous

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