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Works with Treo 600 CDMA, Treo 600 GSM and Treo 650

Weight 11.8 oz. / 33.4 g.

Waterproof Up to 3 ft.

Shock Protection Up to 4 ft. on concrete

Screen Protection Not Needed

Headset Bluetooth Recommended

Availability Available


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OtterBox 1900 from
TreoCentral Store

OtterBox 1900 by Otter Box

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The Otterbox 1900's integrated strength, flexibility, and style without compromising features, size or quality, makes the 1900 the most versatile and rugged Treo case available.

When the Treo is secured in the case, simply raise the impact resistant flip-up screen cover to easily access the Treo's keyboard, navigation keys, and screen through a thin fully sealed plastic membrane that protects the Treo.

We recommend that you use either a wired or Bluetooth headset in combination with the Otterbox, as the thick protection around the microphone� muffles your voice.

Although we don't recommend diving with the Otterbox case, the case is waterproof to 3 feet (1 meter) of depth. It floats, so you should not have a problem if your Treo case goes overboard before you have a chance to pick it up.

  • Fits Treo 600 and 650 perfectly
  • Waterproof and dustproof while in use
  • Replaceable screen membrane protects the Treo touchscreen from scratches while providing easy access to front panel buttons
  • Impact resistant, flip-up screen cover
  • Adjustable neoprene handstrap
  • Clear top pod for IR usability
  • Easy open Pod system for access to SD slot
  • Removable plug for headphone/headset access
  • Sealed bottom hatch provides access to PDA's sync and charge connectors
  • Gore membrane vent for heat and pressure dissipation
  • Compound latches for easy opening and secure closing of the case
  • Glass reinforced Polycarbonate shell for maximum strength and durability
  • Thermoplastic rubber overmolding for high grip and impact absorption
  • Drop and Shock—MIL-STD 810F, Method 516.5, Procedure 4 (Four foot drop to concrete, all surfaces, edges and corners)
  • Water Protection—MIL-STD 810F, Method 512.4, Procedure 1, Immersion. IP67 rating for water and dust intrusion. Water testing per IEC 60529 Edition 2.1, Temporary Immersion (30 minute immersion at 1 meter depth)
  • Dust Intrusion—MIL-STD 810F, Method 510.4, Procedure 1 (Blowing Dust). IP67 rating for water and dust intrusion. Dust testing per IEC 60529 Edition 2.1, Section 13.4 (Blowing Dust)

    See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

    User Opinions
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    excellent protection, perfect for rugged environments
    I used a 1900 with a Treo 700p in SE Alaska on a fishing boat in a rough saltwater/salt spray/wind environment, with heavy rain. Then we worked in a remote camp for a week outdoors in a wet, ancient and very rainy forest. I recommend the yellow 1900 unless you are a hunter who is big on camo or someone who will never need to locate it floating around in a rough ocean. The all-grey one would blend into the forest floor duff or mud really well, so you might think about using a flourescent or day-glow lanyard or something similar to make it easier to spot, just in case. By the way, I'm not ready to recommend PDA's for use as navigational aids just yet, but Tide Chart programs were useful for a number of reasons out there, not to mention having an MP3 player, camera and video recorder. While the case seals the unit and makes it tough to use the phone without a Bluetooth headset, you can work around this by activating the speakerphone and opening up the top lid of the case. In this manner you can hold it up to your ear to hear callers (semi-tilted bottom up if it is raining or in salt spray) and speak into the top in the same manner. You can cut down an adhesive velcro strip and fix it across the stylus holder to secure the stylus as it is sort of exposed and wants to get hung up, fall off and get lost. It's kind of hard for my fingers to fit on the edges of the touchscreen, especially to use the right side scroll bar, but if the stylus is missing for some reason, fingers seem to work well enough. The clear hinged cover tends to open on its own sometimes as it doesn't latch in a super secure manner. Therefore, it might flop open if it is strapped on to a Camelback, pack or fanny pack any way other than straight up and down. This is especially true if you are on a bike. To use the camera or video, you can unhinge the back section and pop it off to shoot your pictures, then resecure it. I shot some outrageous video this way out the window of the float plane as we wound our way through passes below the tops of glaciated peaks on our way into the remote camp. This method also works well enough in light rain or drizzle to snap a quick photo of a grizzly or breaching Humpback, and would probably be OK for a short period in snow. I use a Sony Ericsson headset and if you seperate the earpiece from the little earclip, you can actually store it inside the 1900. This works in a pinch if you want to keep the two together. You can't use the Hotsync cable and 90 degree headset 3.5 to 2.5 mm plug adapter (sold by Palm) at the same time with the Treo in the 1900, but the straight ones (from Radio Shack will fit with the Hotsync cable at the same time. You might have to whittle down the plastic collar near the metal plug to get some of the straight ones to fit. Otter Box sells a bottom plug with cable trays that are water resistant if you need the bottom plug to be in place. I comes with a second plug for the access hole on top, cut to allow a headset cable to pass while retaining water resistance. Since the hole is on top and the headset jack on the bottom, it was difficult to deal with the (music) headset cable so I usually just remove the bottom and forgo using the cable plug on the top. I used the 1900 in some pretty wet and humid conditions, with one big storm registering 3-4 inches of rain in 24 hours in our region. I never saw it fog up inside the case. While the physical size of the case is quite a bit larger than the PDA by itself, this is a great case if you bring your PDA or Smartphone outdoors and into harsh, rugged environments. It greatly increases the chances your PDA will not only come back home with you, but still be operationally funtional. Bonus!
    by Anonymous


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