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Operating System Windows Mobile

Memory 128MB (60M Storage available)

Processor Intel XScale 312MHz

Screen 240 x 240 color TFT, 16-bit

Wireless 800/1900MHz, EvDo, 1xRTT

Bluetooth Version 1.2

Camera 1.3 MP

Size 2.3" W x 4.4" H (excluding antenna) x 0.9" D

Weight 6,4 ounces

Availability Available


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Treo 700w from

Treo 700w by Palm, Inc

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The Palm Treo 700w smartphone delivers everything you need without compromise.

It combines a smarter phone with broadband-like speeds and rich-media capabilities, all in one´┐Żbringing Palm's world-class ease of use to the Windows Mobile platform. Connect with people in multiple ways´┐Żby voice, email, SMS, or MMS. Your contacts are always reachable, from any application. Access email, the web, and corporate networks on one of the fastest networks available in the U.S.

Or relax and play your favorite music and videos right on your device. With this easy-to-use productivity device in hand, you can stay connected on your terms.

See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  32% Thumbs Down 68%

Would you recommend Treo 700w ?

Yes   No  

Thumbs Down

Palm is garbage
Customer service sucks, software is a disaster, Palm is a stomach virus and needs to be out of business.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

It puts together my phone and palm in one device.
I chose the Treo because I did not want to carry and cell phone and a palm. I enjoy the media player and keeping important document files with me. I also enjoy the calendar for scheduling. No its not perfect but after using it for two years I'm not changing it our just yet. One thing that I want to try is wifi with the additional card. I think it would be a added plus to my treo experience. Also the cheap cost of SD cards has really help in the amount of information I can carry on palm. I know it is not the latest on devices but for now I keeping mine and using it.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

too many problems
blue tooth constantly drops trouble with active sync
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

I was issued this model through work, and if I was paying for this POS it would have hit a trach can or the nearest Verizon salesperson's forehead a long time ago. Avoid like the plague. locks up all the time. Avaailable RAM memory keeps shrinking until you have to reset, and then it only works for a couple calls or one or two syncs and then locks again. Worthless.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

I would not recomend this phone to anyone.I had it replaced three times so far. This phone is constantly freezing up, at one point I was not able to hear the person on the other end. Difficult some times to get internet access. Its true that its a great organizer but at the same time its not worth the money you spend for the features that you are not able to use when you want to use it. I am waiting for the blackberry 9500 now , You only can do better from a treo.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

THIS 700W DOES EVERYTHING! But only 1 thing at a time. I've suffered through MANY Treo nightmares but eventually managed to use my 700W to my satisfaction. I have roughly 675 contacts, notes/to-do's, years of appointments & NO serious sync issues. I regularly use Excel for work and Repligo for viewing detailed Parts diagrams & service/repair manuals. The Motorola MOTOROKR S9 bluetooth headphones are a Must have for this phone as well as the Magnesium Case by InnoPocket. Web Browsing is painful but what do you expect, it's a damned Phone! Is it a phone for the technically challenged? Definetly NOT! Is using it cumbersome? Hell yes. Would I do it all over? HELL NO! Do I reccommend it? Sure. Why should I be the only one in pain?
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Not User Friendly
Locks up a lot. Car and travel charger connector (the piece that goes in the phone to charge it) is way too small and fragile.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Buggy Junk
On my fourth or fifth replacement phone. Stops syncing completely within 2 or 3 weeks usually, at which point Verizon will tell me to hard reset. Great, except that wipes out everything on the phone, which means I have to manually go through all my contacts and type in any changes into Outlook myself. Lots of fun when you have 400 contatcs in your phone. Phone also turns itself off frequently requiring you to reset it by taking out the battery or hitting the soft reset button. Don't bother with this phone. It is a piece of junk.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Does anything work on this phone?
will not sync with my outlook unless i hot sync it. everyone else in the office has the same problems, unless they are using the moto Q. Looks like I'm going to be changing phones. cant get my email, missing calls, don't bother with this POS.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

So not buy this Piece of S#@T
by Anonymous

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