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Works with Treo 650

Weight 1 oz.

Talk time 15 hrs

Standby time 70 hrs

Availability Available


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Plantronics Discovery 640 Headset from
TreoCentral Store

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  68% Thumbs Down 32%

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Thumbs Up

Finally-- LOUD enough!
After reading numerous reviews and trying the hs850 and the treo bluetooth by palm I suffered the same issue with each, not enough volume. The plantronics 640 solved this issue for me. I never had any pairing issues with the other headsets and the plantronics also paired easily. Works well for me.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Very well designed
It's small, comfortable, and easy to use. The sound is sufficiently loud and clear and people I am talking to have no problem hearing me. I am using a Treo 700p and it works fine, but the BT connection gets dropped a minute after I end each call. From what I can see on the forums, this happens with other headphones as well and is probably a SW bug with the 700p. I just reconnect and then it is fine again. Hoping for a patch from Palm soon. For me, the only possible minus is that the 640 fits rather loosely in its charger sleeve. The sleeve is shaped like a pen, but I'd be afraid of carrying it around in my pocket like one since the 640 has a good chance of popping out and getting lost since it's so small. With all the great design thought put in this headphone, a retention clip or better friction fit seems like an odd omission. However, I've found that I don't need to carry the charging sleeve with me most of the time because the battery in the 640 will outlast the battery in my Treo 700p.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Best yet...
I've used lots of headsets with my current Treo in search of the best. Had a Moto HS850, Sony/Akono, numerous wired ones including Jabra. None of them worked as well as the Disco 640 does. I was a bit worried when I saw the ear gels cause the Jabra ones were uncomfortable/painful after about 30 min of use. I wore this headset for hours yesterday and easily forgot it was there at time. VERY COMFORTABLE, even without the ear stabilizer. Mine too came with a Treo 650 adapter, which was a great plus. Very impressed with sound quality and clarity. Buy it..you won't be sorry.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

this is a safe purchase
This is definitely one of the best in-ear non-DSP headsets out there.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Very Cool! Now includes Palm Treo Smartphone Adapter!
Just purchased today and the box included a note inside that said: Additional Adapter for use with the Palm Treo Smartphone - Based on market demands, we have replaced the previously included adapter for use with the Sony Ericsson mobile phone with the new enclosed adapter for use with the Palm Treo 650 and newer Palm Treo 700w smartphones. The box also had a sticker that read NOKIA MOTOROLA PALM/TREO MINI USB Great design especially the location of the redial button on the end of the device instead of the traditional side location to prevent accidental pressing of the redial button when it is in your pocket. Based on my experience this is an important design improvement for BT devices.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Great little package
Works very well. Thoughtful design. Sound quality has been very good - better than the moto 820 I had before.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Unobtrusive, easy to use, works well.
I purchased this primarily to free myself from a "hands-fee" wired earpiece while driving. For that purpose it works perfectly. It is very ergonomic, small and unobtrusive. If the 640 has a drawback it is this. I have worn it in a store (like grocery shopping) and had to call my wife. When my phone has been on my hip and I frequently got scratchy sound and at best, fair reception. If the phone was covered by my jacket or in my pocket, I had to remove it to get any reception. Also, I have used it at home and if stray more than 5 or 10 feet from it, reception is limited. Not a big deal for me, as I wear it primarily while driving. But a friend of mine has a Motorola phone and BT headset. He can walk around his condo and be as much as 30 feet away and receive calls w/clear reception.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Very good sound, easy to setup
Sound quality is great and the phone was very easy to setup.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

MUCH better than the Palm Treo headset!
The Treo bluetooth from Palm is a loser. The Plantronics saved the day...
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Best I have found for Treo 650
Tried Jabra BT250 and the new JX10, unfortunately the Jabra and Treo combination do not work if your concerned about hearing the other person. I also tried the Palm Treo Bluetooth headset, same issue as the Jabra (I believe that the Treo headset is mfg by Jabra). I have used Plantronics M3000 and M3500, both provide excellent sound volume and quality w/Treo especially M3500, however the size is a little cumbersome. Plantronics Discovery 640 is the best I have found; the only negative that I can offer is I wish Plantronics included the charger adapter for the Treo. Spoke with their frontline people and they claim that Plantronics does not intend to release an adapter in 2006, maybe 2007.
by Anonymous

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