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Works with Treo 650

Weight 5.6 oz. / 161 g.

Availability Available


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Solio Universal Solar Charger from
TreoCentral Store

Solio Universal Solar Charger by Better Energy Systems

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The compact Solio features a stylish fan-blade design that allows it to achieve maximum solar area when in use. Just spread out the blades, expose them to direct sunlight either outdoors or affixed to a window, and get ready to take your power on the road. An internal battery stores the power for whenever you need it, day and night. Charging Solio�s battery takes 8-10 hours of direct sunlight, and a fully charged Solio provides up to 14 hours of additional standby time for your Treo.

You can also charge the Solio from a wall socket, perfect if you need portable power for your Treo 650 and no sunshine is available. Using the included wall adapter, the Solio fully charges in approximately 5.5 hours.
The mfr. claims Solio's battery can store energy for more than one year, and the intelligent internal circuitry lets you charge your Treo 650 in about the same time as standard wall and car chargers. The Solio is the perfect solution to charge your phone where electricity is not available such as camping, hiking and boating.

Solio harnesses and stores free and clean solar energy from day one. The Solio Charger is designed with a focus on design, sustainability and it couldn't be easier to use.

  • "Plug" into the sun or wall socket and take your power anywhere.
  • Suction cup mount for solar charging in the car or on a home or office window.
  • No glass nearby? Just slide a pencil through its center hole, set it down and aim it at the sun.
  • Includes suction cup, wall charger, Treo and Mini-USB connectors (perfect for some Bluetooth headsets).
  • Internal battery stores power up to six months.
  • LED displays charging and discharge status.

  • Rated Output: 4 -12V, 0 - 1 Amp (max)
  • Weight: 165 grams (5.8 ounces)
  • Internal Battery: Rechargeable 3.6 volts, 1600mAh lithium-ion
  • Wall Charger: 6-volt/300mAh
  • Dimensions (when closed): 120mm x 65mm x 34mm (approximately 4.7 inches x 2.5 inches x 1.4 inches)
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 55°C

    See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

    User Opinions
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    Use on airplanes to charge your Treo!
    The Solio is a great device. Remember: It stores energy for a year, so I have used it to charge my Treo or IPod while on long plane rides. I actually took one to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to power my IPod and camera batteries. Along with the cables, including the 12-volt adapter, it was my primary charger in Africa.
    by Anonymous

    Thumbs Up

    Review is excellent, what brand battery does the Solio use?
    by Anonymous


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