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Wireless 800 /1900MHz, EVDO, 1xRTT

Screen 240 x0240 Color TFT, 16-bit

Processor Intel XScale 312MHz

Program Memory 64mb (50mb user accessbile)

Storage Memory 128MB nonvolatile (60mb user accessbile)

Operating System Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Edition v5.1.195

Bluetooth Version 1.2

Camera 1.3 megapixels

Size 2.3" W x 4.4" H (excluding antenna) x 0.9" D

Weight 6.4 ounces

Availability Available

Treo 700wx by Palm, Inc

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The Palm Treo 700wx smartphone features broadband-like speeds and rich-media capabilities, all in one. It brings Palm's world-class ease of use to the Windows Mobile platform. Connect with people in multiple ways´┐Żby voice, email, SMS. Your contacts are always reachable, from any application. Access email, the web, and corporate networks on one of the fastest networks available in the U.S.

With double the memory availble for running applications, the 700wx is able to multitask like no other Treo. You can listen to music, chat with friends over MSN, check your email, and even play a game - all at the same time.

See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  64% Thumbs Down 36%

Would you recommend Treo 700wx ?

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Thumbs Down

This phone is weird i can hear people but they cant hear me...wtf?well sum times..i went to settings/phone/and changed it to off in the TTY/TTD par and it seemed to work
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

A great pratical device
A very practical device that can be used as an "real" phone and sure as a PDA also.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Has it's perks!
After buying this phone to carry me over until the Alltel & Verizon merger is complete. After reading the mixed reviews, I still wanted to see for myself. I was pleasantly suprised with it in comparison to my friend's Blackberry Curve. The service is great and the apps are a plus for students and professionals on the go. The only cons that I see are the poor battery life, the inability to connect to the web if you're in a roaming area and the QWERTY keys are a little too close and stiff at times.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Like it but...
Pro: Windows Mobile, can edit and compose documents, PDA functionality Con: lack of consistent Bluetooth support, bulky, can't link up to my Exchange email, freezes frequently, often doesn't recognize card, keys will lock when they shouldn't, etc Summary: If there weren't other options I'd think this was the bomb diggety. Since there are, I'm moving to a BlackBerry.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Bluetooth issues
I have gone through 5 treo700wx's within 1 year and tried 4 different headsets, When using bluetooth headset it's fine if you hold the phone up close to the headset but if you put the phone on your belt clip I would get noise(sort of a cracking noise)very aggrevating! I installed the audio patch which supposed to fix that issue but no luck. Other issue, sometimes I couldn't answer calls and by the time it would answer the caller hung up! it would drop many calls. Verizon was good about replacing them being they get many complaints about those issues, finally they gave me a new xv6800 which I have had a week now, It blows the Treo away!!!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Full of Bugs :: Disapointed with Price
Many times when I call someone, I can hear them, they can't hear me. Sometimes, I miss calls and I have it on the right settings. There is just absolutely no ring. Screen freezes, I have to pull battery out and force phone to restart way tooo many times!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Good, but not for me.
I've had this phone for a little over a year now, and although it's definitely been a lifesaver, I'm starting to feel it's a little dated. My first gripe is the size. After looking at other smartphones, this thing is a beast, it kills my wrist if I'm browsing with one hand and forget one handed texting. the buttons are a little harder to press than other phones too. I have to use my nail sometimes. Also, like others said, it doesn't always ring. I have a lot of missed calls when I have my phone right next to me, which is quite annoying. I also get a lot of error message, the screen will stop lighting up randomly, and it will freeze and be quirky (much like real windows which I'm growing to hate as well) If you are a business person who just wants email capabilities and not so much for the media, this phone will be a dream for you. If you're younger and want something a little sleeker and more versatile...keep looking!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Bluetooth fails 90% of time
I've had this 700WX for over 10 months. I have the phone for work because of the Good Link support but with the Bluetooth on it will lock up at least 3 to 4 times per day. When i make calls using a Bluetooth headset it always sounds garbled from the person I'm calling. Verizon replaced the phone once but will not help with the Bluetooth issues. I had better luck with my Samsung i730.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

not satisfied
I thought tnis was an automatic top of the line phone but u have to download to much to make do.. all it is capable of doing!! yes I am mooodeee because I can't get my phone to do what it is equipped to do!!! yours truly, disappointed!!!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Bombs Away
I got my Verizon 700wx as a replacement for a 700w that kept locking up. Guess what? The 700wx seems almost as bad. The phone doesn't always ring and instead sends calls straight to voice mail, without even a missed call message on the display. When on a call, you often can't answer another incoming call. Bluetooth connections only work about 70% of the time (which is up from 50% with the 700w). The latest was my phone started announcing it was "unable to start services.exe" and stopped syncing with our Exchange server. I've had to hard reset it about once a month to deal with one thing or another. In my opinion, this line of Treos is a disaster and Verizon support is no help.
by Anonymous

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