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Battery Removable 1200mAH Lithion Ion, up to 4.5 hours talk time GSM, 2.5 UMTS


Operating System Windows Mobile 5.2 PocketPC Edition

GSM Bands 850/900/1800/1900

UMTS Bands 850/1900/2100

Phone features speakerphone, hands-free, mute, TTY/TDD compatible, 6-way calling

Processor 300MHz Samsugn

Memory 128mb, 60MB for user storage

Expansion miniSD card slot

Screen 240x240 touchscreen

Availability Available

Treo 750v by Palm, Inc

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The Palm Treo 750v smartphone delivers everything you need without compromise.

It combines a Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC edition phone with broadband-like speeds and rich-media capabilities. Connect with people in multiple ways´┐Żby voice, email, SMS, or MMS. Your contacts are always reachable, from any application. Access email, the web, and corporate networks.

Or relax and play your favorite music and videos right on your device. With this easy-to-use productivity device in hand, you can stay connected on your terms.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  33% Thumbs Down 67%

Would you recommend Treo 750v ?

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Thumbs Down

Just Bad!
Does not do its prime function well which is to make calls. The screen estate seems small and confusing and the buttons to type are awful. Plus side is the email function but thats about it. Gong back to my trusty old 7105t blackberry which does what it says on the tin.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Extremely slow searches.... Painful
I have a treo 750 wm6 device, upgraded from a hp ipaq hx2750 and a sony cell phone, one comparision is to search for something in the calender- ipaq- 3-4 seconds, treo 50-60 seconds, this is with 5000 calender items. with such a big difference I would hope that no one ever decided to use the treo as a business device. slow slow slow, just like others have said. Tech support was a joke! their resolution to any problem it seems is to do a hard reset and reload.... didn't solve my search time problems. with out turning off the special usb to pc sync it was taking over an hour to sync originally, dumping off sync...almost tossed the device against the wall just to have the satisfaction that it will no longer be wasting my time....
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Slow and poor battery
I wanted so bad. After I bought it I installed WM6 for Activesync and Exchange server connect. As it is doing its functions, it is really slow, it hangs sometimes, and volume problem comes up sometimes. But boys and girls. It is windows. I'd love Blackberry with exchange, that should be the best phone. I wonder how Iphone goes with imap and exchange...
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Why do we all show as anonymous?
I just put up a negative rating on my Treo 750 and see that it identified me as anonymous. Why? Anyone could bash anything behind a cover of anonymity and what is said here would be meaningless. [email protected]
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Experience Palm User. This is horribly slow.
I've been using Palm PDA's and then cell phones for as long as they've been out. This is terrible. I hit "answer" and wait several seconds to be able to hear the other person. Entering an address for an email, or text, is slow to the point of absurdity as it insists on trying to guess what you want to put in. I paid $700 for the MS Windows version (unlocked since TMobile doesn't support it) and wish there were a way to trade it in for one with the Palm OS.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Slow to answer calls, unreliable and unpredictable
I use the alarm feature, and sometimes the alarm just doesn't work. If I reboot - and re-enter my SIM pin every night before I go to bed, it seems ok. What a drag....
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Very unreliable
Yet another frustrating PDA/Smartphone: Need to reboot every day, calls drop out frequently, when I hit 'Answer' the phone takes several seconds to pick up the call, otherwise it just drops the call. When I switch between 'Silent' mode to Loud mode, it doesn't swicth back to Loud mode so it's on Silent even though the switch is on loud. If you were frustrated with Mobile Windows OS, then the problems haven't gone away, and putting in on Palm has not improved it. I have used OS Mini, I have used the JasJam, I have used the Treo 650. My next choice will be either a Nokia or Blackberry - something that works reliably, doesn't drop calls or need rebooting every day. As a consumer, I am loosing patience with manufacturers selling products that don't perform as advertised. Reliability over features...
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

I have had to stop using my 750v as my personal productivity started to suffer - having to wait 10+ seconds for the tasks to open so that I can "jot" something down.. what a shame as it is far prettier than the 680p I just replaced it with from ebay (much much faster!)
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

More positive than negative
I have used Treo 600 for two years in the USA before repatriating myself back to Germany. I decided to buy Treo 750v after waiting so long for T-Mobile Deutschland to offer more decent PDA than Nokia, Sidekick, MDA, and Blackberry. When I began using the 750v, it took me a bit time adapting to Windows Mobile and its multi-tasking abilities as well as its features. So far I've enjoyed it very much and feel there is much room for improvements. The biggest gripe is its inability to Cut-n-Paste between programmes and e-mail programme. I cannot figure out why I cannot paste the context from the web and elsewhere into e-mail. I spent several days trying to figure out how to cut and paste through the buttons or menu, but it's through the virtual keyboard that you tap to open the keyboard and use CTRL. Duh! Other gripe is that the MiniSD slot cover is too fragile and has lot of potential for breakage if one is not careful. I have large hands and fingers so it's hard for me to pry the cover open. I don't understand the need for the button on the ActiveSyne plug. I try not to use the ActiveSyne plug and cable because the prods look too fragile and could break if one is not careful. I suggest using the cradle or Bluetooth. I could never figure out why the Vibrate mode never work in spite of checking every box to vibrate instead of chime. Yeah, the battery life could be improved. Once I ran out of battery in the afternoon, forcing me to visit Vodafone store and plug in for 15 minutes. Vodafone seemed to delete some of features such as MSN Messenger and Pocket MSN, forcing me to purchase the third-party software. On the plus side, when I reverted to my old 600 to check the SMS through my American phone number, I noticed how hard the buttons on 600 were as compared to 750v and how 'bulky' and 'heavy' 600 was. I DO NOT miss that protruding aerial on 600! Overall, 750v is vast improvement over 600 and 650 even though I haven't have lot of experience with 650. OM
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Pros 1. good design 2. MS platform allow for better sync 3. more features and functions Cons 1. battery life sucks big time - almost half that of my 650 2. keep hanging - unstable OS 3. Extremely
by Anonymous

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