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Warden Security for Treo from
TreoCentral Store

Warden Security for Treo by Corsoft

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Device Data Protection
Device Phone Protection (Complete Control on Inbound and Outbound calls)
Ability to Lock and Unlock Quickly
Customizable Lock Interface to assist in device retrieval
Lost and Found Integration to conceal owner information completely
Assist device owner In Case of an Emergency (ICE)
Simplified access for Frequently Called Numbers
Secure device on soft reset
Retain security on warm reset (if secured)
Secure device on demand
Secure device on Radio Power Off
Secure device when out of coverage
Secure device when SD card is removed
Secure device when Screen is powered off
Secure device based on lack of device use
Secure device at any preset time of the day
Secure device remotely - even after device is lost
Secure device remotely via web (LockMyTreo.com)
Secure device remotely via SMS (from any cell phone)
Secure device remotely with Custom message for device finder
Secure device remotely with deletion of device and SD Card data
Note: Remote data destruction does NOT remove the device Lock.
Customizable to Call Owner with a single tap to predefined number
Single password logon (maintained as encrypted data on device)
Routes all inbound voice calls to voice mail when the device is locked remotely
Locked Device can be preconfigured to accept incoming calls from owner defined numbers
Replaces default security application with an easy to use, unobtrusive and super efficient solution

Minimum Requirements: Palm OS based Treo with 500 KB space. Uses SMS for remote management.

See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
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Corsoft uses fraudelent tactics to sell Warden
In criminal law, fraud is the crime or offense of deliberately deceiving another in order to damage them � usually, to obtain property or services unjustly. [1] Fraud can be accomplished through the aid of forged objects. In the criminal law of common law jurisdictions it may be called "theft by deception," "larceny by trick," "larceny by fraud and deception" or something similar. Per Corsoft's Manual "Using Phone Interface for Remote Lock This option is invoked by making a phone call to Warden Security Control Center. Once the call is connected, an interactive response system will guide you through to validate your request before transmitting remote management instruction to secure your device..." Corsoft is presently and has always advertised Warden 2.0 Pro as having an ability to activate the remote lock via a simple telephone call... Myself and many others purchased the software with that selling point in mind as it set Warden apart from other security products.. Warden 2.0 went on sale in January and as of June this feature is still unavailable.
by Anonymous


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