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Weight 0.6 oz

Refill Compatible with Schmidt Refills

Colors Clear, Blue, Grey, Orange, Green

Size �" X 5/8"

Fits Visor No

Availability Available

4.Palm by YAFA

>> Read Review (Rating 4/5) <<

The 4.Palm stuffs a ball-point pen, a 0.5 mm pencil, an orange highlighter and a stylus into its �" thick barrel (5/8" including the clip).

Using the thicker barrel on the 4palm is a pleasure! Your handwriting recognition will improve using the 4 palm/ Change from pen to stylus in a flash. In translucent colors the 4palm has a PDA stylus, Ball Pen, Highlighter & 0.5mm Pencil.

See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  40% Thumbs Down 60%

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Thumbs Down

A little big for me
I bought one but thought it was a little big. I decided to take it back and get the smaller yafa quadro 4. If you wont be annoyed by its size, go for it.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Cool Device
I have one, given as a gift. I use it allot. :)
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Great 4-way combination
I haven't used any other stylus/pen combinations, but this one works really great. Feels just like a pen in my hand and I love the fact that there is a mechanical pencil on it as well. I'm and engineer so I'm really wowed by the nifty mechanism on this thing. Just turn the pen until the symbol you want is up and that's what will show up when you depress the end. Lots of fun showin' it off to everyone.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Decent 4-in-1
The 4.palm is a decent pen, especially when purchased on clearance at Office Depot ($7.88!) It is not super durable, does not have a high-tech or highly professional look to it, and I am not super fond of the slightly hard/slighty pointy stylus, but... It feels pretty good in your hand, all of the points write smoothly, the 4-way selector is decently made, and the colors are stylish.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Not the best & a bit expensive, but useful
The Yafa 4-Palm isn't the best stylus/pen combination I've used (I have 6 different models), but it isn't nearly as bad as other commentors would have us believe. Sure, it's fat, but much research has shown that the skinny little pens (like the Autopoint Stylus someone mentioned) hurt your hands. The "Dr Grip" by Pilot, for example, received an award for ergonomics. For many people, a fat pen is easier to use. Look at the new Cross "Morphing" pen and the Sensa as examples. Writing with the 4-Palm sure beats using the Visor's stock stylus! The 4-Palm's mechanism is no harder to use than other gravity-operated pens (e.g., the Stylus Central, PDA Penache, Stylus+)--their designs are essentially the same. The same can be said for the pen, highlighter, and pencil--they're pretty much stock items. The pencil, in particular, is often a problem. When I first got the 4-Palm, the pencil didn't work right: if I pushed the lead back into the barrel, it wouldn't come back out. I found that unscrewing the front of the pen and replacing it fixed the problem: it was probably not assembled carefully. The 4-Palm is not expensive for a 4-point pen, but it does look and feel a bit "cheap," as it's made of hard plastic. I expect that it wouldn't stand up well to abuse (e.g., being stepped on), but I'm not about to do a "destruct" test to find out. My main objection to the 4-Palm is that its gripping surface is slick, rather than "rubberized" or textured. It tends to slide around in my hand. It's also a bit lightweight. It is stylish in a modern, "cool" way for those who want 4 points and prefer a fat pen. If you like slim pens, there are many available. (The Stylus+ is the slimmest I've found.) If you don't need the highlighter and like a fat pen, check out the REALLY cheap Bic e3, the Dr. Grip stylus/pen (no pencil) or the new Sanford PhD 3-point. The Bic and PhD both use twist action, which is a bit more reliable, but which also has greater chance of leaving a point exposed. (You have to put it between the "detents" to keep all the points retracted.) I also wish that these things would be available with a 0.7mm pencil instead of the 0.5mm pencil. There are a few, but they're on the pricey side. Overall: Lukewarm recommendation Pros: Colors, 4 points, reasonable cost, fat barrel (for those who want that) Cons: feels/looks "cheap," slick surfface,
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

This thing sucks
I bought this styli. because I wanted one that had at least a pen on it and something that felt more comfortable to hald than the regular visor styl. I got this one because there is very limited selection in my area of things like pda accesories. As soon as I opened this and tried using it, i took it back. It felt really weird trying to hold and use it, and it is quite diffiecult to switch functions. It also felt pretty cheap. I took this one back and got the Cross styl. and i like it alot better.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Too big to handle...
While the Clear matches my Ice Deluxe quite nicely, it's just a little too big in circumference to be practical. As stated in the review, the stylus point does not seem to protrude far enough to make using it on the Visor comfortable. The Stylus+4Way is much nicer and easier to hold and use. I think this one will be going back from where it came...
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

thumb up!
...my butt!
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

The thing's practically the size of my Visor.....very lame....this one's a loser
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

Why, when you can get the Stylus + 4way?
This one is much too large, sticks out too much. The Stylus+ 4 way works the same way, in a barrel the size of a normal pen, not a half inch!
by Anonymous


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