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Pocket DVD Wizard from
TreoCentral Store

Pocket DVD Wizard by The Coding Workshop Limited

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Convert your DVD and video files so you can watch them on any of the following devices:

  • Palm OS devices
  • Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)
  • Apple iPod Video & iPhone
  • Microsoft Zune
  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC
  • Portable Media Center
  • Gizmondo
  • Windows CE device
  • Archos Media Player
  • Cell/Mobile Phones
  • Creative Zen Vision, Vision:W and Vision:M
  • Epson P-2000 / P-4000
  • Disney MixMax
  • And more . . .

    The new Pocket DVD Wizard v5 is even faster than before with superb high quality output, tried and tested support for more devices than ever and of course, the fantastic, easy to use Wizard interface. The price for the Pocket DVD Wizard has remained as low as ever�just $24.95 (no discount codes required!)

    DVD conversion process

    All the conversion and file handling is done using the speed and power of your main Windows PC giving both fantastic still frames and fast action quality, while saving you time and money. The software is designed to be very easy to use and requires no additional �playback� software to be purchased for your Pocket PC or other handheld device.

    The Pocket DVD Wizard software uses advance compression techniques to fit a whole DVD on a memory card the size of a postage stamp. You can then play back the resulting movie file using the standard Windows Media Player already installed on your Pocket PC.

    No more �black bars�

    The Pocket DVD Wizard gives you the choice when converting wide screen video. You can choose to retain the original format, and have �black bars� on the top and bottom of the video output, or use the �pan and scan� to remove the bars and use the full screen area on your Pocket PC.

    Target your memory card size

    From 128mb to 1Gb+, you can select your target card size. The Pocket DVD Wizard is not restricted to fixed memory card sizes; you specify the memory card size you have (or how much space you want to use) and the software makes the adjustments needed to give you the best conversion possible, while targeting your specified output size.

    Specify start and stop times

    If you have a clip you want to convert, you can do just that. Specify the start and stop times and the Pocket DVD Wizard will create a video file from that part of your DVD or video file.

    High quality conversion

    The quality of the conversion is very high in all modes, but it can be set to three different levels, depending on how much time you have to convert the file. You can also select a �switch off PC� option, to turn the PC off when the conversion has finished.

    All versions of Windows supported

    The latest version of Pocket DVD Wizard runs on any desktop to laptop PC capable of playing DVD videos. If you can put a DVD in your CD/DVD drive (it does not have to be a DVD writer) and Windows can play the DVD, the Pocket DVD Wizard should work perfectly for you. Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows NT/2000 are all supported.

    More than just a DVD conversion tool

    You can also convert MPEG, AVI and WMV files!

    All the popular DVD editing functions, such as targeting specific output file sizes, start and stop �crop� points and removal of the wide screen black bars are supported for video file conversions in the current version of Pocket DVD Wizard.

    Forget expensive and bulky portable DVD players. If you already have a Pocket PC you can keep the kids (and the adults!) quiet for hours.


  • The Pocket DVD Wizard is very, very easy to use with its simple step by step interface!
  • You can fit multiple standard DVDs on just a single memory card.
  • Superior video quality with WMV, AVI, and MP4 now supported.
  • More input formats supported. If you have a file type not listed, give it a try anyway�it will probably work!
  • You only need one piece of software. The Pocket DVD Wizard supports multiple output devices.
  • No need to buy any additional playback software.
  • Support for both included media players (e.g. Windows Media Player for Pocket PC) and external players (e.g. MMPlayer)
  • �Black bars� on the top and bottom of the picture can be removed.
  • You can record multiple episodes to separate files without additional user interaction (and it�s easy to do!).
  • You can specify start and stop points to record just part of the DVD.
  • You can enhance the video brightness for small device screens.
  • You can select high quality balances output or high speed�you make the choice.
  • You can select alternate languages and subtitles.
  • Landscape �Full Screen� playback on all devices, including the Pocket PC!
  • Free trial version available�try before you buy.

    Minimum Requirements

    Windows PC required for conversion. The PC should also be able to play DVDs using Windows Media Play.

    See TreoCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

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    Cannot register
    I pd cannot register online. Tried off line but key code is huge. Recommends new update did it but then computer reboots so unable to paste key code. No one line help of phone number
    by Anonymous


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