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TreoCentral TreoCast Episode 10

Mon Jan 8, 2007 - 4:50 PM EST - By Mike Overbo, Dieter Bohn


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  1. The new Treo 750 has been released. Read TreoCentral's coverage here and our full review is also up as well. So what's the verdict? It's great, but pricey and lacks WiFi.
  2. The "700p Rom Update Rally imbroglio has come to a close - with an official reponse from Palm. The original letter writer, Bob-C, posts his final thoughts here, a snippet:

    I am now inclined to give the benefit of the doubt. Especially to a guy who took the time to give me a phone call to respond to all of our concerns. If I were to be dismissive after that, then I was probably going to be dismissive about anything Palm would've came back with. In that case, all of this would've been a waste of time. I could've just started a "Let's Bash Palm" thread. I would like to think that this effort was far above anything like that.

  3. Palm is giving away 3 Treos in a CES Blogging Contest.
  4. Palm released their Q4 Financial results, which were relatively lackluster due to the fact that the 750 didn't make it to the US in time. Also lackluster: our ability to glean what Palm has up their sleeve from Colligan's coments.
  5. Access is still kicking around, they released a framework to developers, called “Hiker." Listen in to hear Dieter manfully try to care about what Access does anymore - and fail. Listen even closer to hear Mike unable to muster even that.
  6. PalmAddict's 2006 best-of treo news sites, blogs, software stores, and the like, as voted on by readers. For any folks that voted for us, thank you; we aim to justify your vote and then some.

Accessory Talk

  1. There are several new cases from Smartphone Experts:
  2. Also new is the 1050 MAH Mobi Products battery for 680/750, which offers less talk time, but significant savings; ideal as a backup battery.
  3. Mobi also has two new cradles:
  4. We both ponder the shiny new Jabra BT 8010 stereo headset
  5. Jennifer Chappelle reviews the newest Otterbox
  6. there are two new convenient accessory kits in the store:

Some Listener Responses:

We respond to Wink100's suggestion we do a high end and a low end podcast (a good idea, I'll try to get a poll into an article next podcast so we can get a better feel for our listenership). We also re-hash the update posted in the last podcast from Chad - namely that purchasing a $10 upgrade to Versamail will give Treo 650 users all the new features found in the 680's version.


  1. TreoCentral's new Windows Mobile site, WMExperts.com, launches.
  2. HELP! Dropped Treo in the Snow!, in which great advice on how to dry out electronics is dispensed from Perry Holden: Silica Packets to dry out a Treo. Genius!
  3. 700p -- what I did to make it lightning fast is an older thread with newer updates, some tips to speed up your 700p until Palm releases that ROM update
  4. 680 Battery Life is a nice long thread about the 680's battery life. Mike points out that while the out-of-box experience is pretty bad, the battery life does get better.


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Music comes from ccMixter.org, a great Creative Commons music site. Our specific music is the following:

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