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Treo Software Roundup

Mon Jul 2, 2007 - 4:30 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Note: TreoCentral won't be updated tomorrow on the 4th as we'll be off celebrating Independence Day. Have a very happy and safe 4th of July everyone!!! ;-)

Update: I've added a few more software updates.

Update 2: Thanks to Bedbug from the TreoCentral forums for bringing this to my attention - SplashID version 4 isn't compatible with Mac OS X. I apologize for missing that important fact when I posted the update here. It says on the SplashData site that "Current version for Mac OS is still 3.32. Version 4 to be developed later this year."

Yep, the iPhone frenzy is still in full bloom. We'll be reading about this new device for quite some time to come. I bought one too. ((blush)). But I'll continue to use my Palm Treos! Long live the Treo!

We have a few new and updated apps to look at this week. Again, we have a mixture of Palm OS and WM Treo programs to check out.

Alltel Treo 700wx PRI Update

First up, the Alltel 700wx PRI Update is showing up on Palm's Support page. The Alltel 700wx PRI Update is designed to improve the performance and reliability under certain roaming conditions and when using the 3-way calling feature. All 700wx devices operating on the Alltel network require this update.

Check out Palm's support page for instructions on how to download this update.

What to Expect after Downloading:

To verify if this patch is currently installed on the device launch File Explorer on the device and Navigate to the Windows folder. Within the Windows folder there will be a folder named PRIupdate 1.0. If you have this folder, your device already has the software patch installed.

Spb Traveler

Next is Spb Traveler, a new WM app from Spb Software House. If you're a frequent traveler, this program would be great for your Treo. Spb Traveler will help you in your business trips as well as in a travel. It provides information about more than 10 000 cities world-wide. You will never get lost on this planet with services like up-to-date weather forecast and currency exchange rates and useful tools like unit converter and flight assistant.


  • Weather forecast
  • World time
  • Currency converter
  • Flight assistant
  • Unit converter
  • Clothing sizes
  • Dial codes
  • Tip calculator
  • Meeting planner

The program included the Spb Traveler Game which helps you to kill flight time by trying to match national flags and capitals.

Spb Traveler is available here for $29.95.

SplashData Releases SplashID v4

I read over at Palm Infocenter that SplashData has updated SplashID to version 4.0., and that this update is the first major update of the popular program in over three years.

I've used SplashID on my Palm handhelds for years and really like it. SplashID safely and securely stores all of your personal identification information including user names, passwords, credit cards, calling cards, bank accounts, PINs, and more. Information is stored in a secure, encrypted format and is quickly accessible on a Palm OS/WM handheld or Desktop computer with the included desktop software.

New Features:

  • Enhanced security - auto lock-out after 10 failed attempts, password strength meter, and password hint option
  • Web Auto-Fill - one click to open a website on the desktop and login automatically! Prevents keyloggers from tracking your username and password.
  • Synchronize multiple SplashID databases (with other version 4 database files only)
  • Enhanced Lookup feature instantly displays relevant results as you type
  • Email securely encrypted SplashID files to other users
  • Add additional standalone desktop users
  • Change the database and auto-backup file locations
  • Toolbars give you button features where they are needed the most
  • Updated icon set with enhanced high resolution graphics
  • Fully Vista compatible

SplashID is $29.95 and you can get the Palm OS version here (Save $50 when purchasing SplashID, SplashMoney, SplashPhoto and SplashShopper together as part of the SplashWallet Suite!), and the WM version here.

As noted in my "Update" at the top of the page, SplashID 4 unfortunately isn't compatible with Mac OS X yet. It says on the SplashData site that "Current version for Mac OS is still 3.32. Version 4 to be developed later this year."

BackupBuddyVFS Pro 4.2 Update

BlueNomad has released BackupBuddyVFS Pro version 4.2. With BackupBuddyVFS you can effortlessly backup your organizer's critical files to Secure Digital, MultiMedia and Memory Stick expansion cards. In the unfortunate event of a loss of data, you can immediately use BackupBuddyVFS to restore your organizer's data from an expansion card whether you are at your desktop computer or on the road.

What's New:

  • Verification of Zip-based backups makes BackupBuddyVFS even more reliable
  • Automatic Updates directly to device for Treo users
  • Custom directories per backup set
  • Custom checkpoint creation for each backup

BackupBuddyVFS Professional 4.2 is available here for $24.95.

RingCare Mobile

RingCare is a new program by Go Treo Software, the makers of programs like Volume Care and Launcher X.

RingCare Mobile is a ringtone management solution that allows you to use mp3's and midi tones for incoming phone calls, text messages and voicemail. Installing RingCare Mobile on your Treo will allow you to assign unique tones to each contact, phone number, company name and/or contact category. RingCare also has partial support for Goodlink users!


  • Complete Ringtone management
    • * Phone Calls
    • * Text Messages
    • * Voicemail
  • MP3 and MIDI support
  • Support for contact GROUPS
  • Automatic discovery of MP3 files
  • Creates TASKS for missed and ignored calls
  • Captures some Goodlink contacts
  • Integrates with VolumeCare
  • Detects and automatically handles missing SD Cards
  • Converts MP3 files into the Treo‘s internal Ringtone format

    RingCare Mobile has a sibling; RingCare Desktop, created by Gx5, makers of DialByPhoto (read TreoCentral review)and TreoMemo (read TreoCentral review). with RingCare Desktop, you can create your own ringtones from the MP3 music files in your library. You then transfer them to your Treo such that RingCare Mobile can play these fantastic ringtones when your acquaintances call you.

    You can get RingCare Mobile here for $29.95 and RingCare Desktop here for $19.95. You can get both programs for the great price of $39.95 here.

    CallRec v5.1

    According to Palm Infocenter, The recent release of the latest update to Qmobilsoft’s CallRec program, version 5.0, contained a number of crippling bugs for users of the various Palm OS Treos.

    Kris Keilhack stated:

    Many users (myself included) reported spontaneous crashes and endless reset loops that could only be cured by completely deleting version 5.0 or reverting back to an older version. Since the program defaults to auto-record incoming and outgoing calls on the Treo, this could lead to disastrous results for nearly all users of the program.

    Qmobilsoft has responded and released version 5.1 of the program.

    CallRec is the premier voice recording application for the Treo smartphones. This simple-to-use application allows you to record your telephone conversation and voice memos with ease by simply pressing the Treo side key. Or, you can set option to automatically record all your phone calls. CallRec store files directly to the memory card and recording duration is limited only by free space on the card. With adjustable recording sample rate you can make optimal balance between sound quality and file size. Once activated, the program allows you to commence recording before or during any incoming or outgoing call with a single click. Furthermore, you can configure CallRec to automatically record all your incoming and/or outgoing calls. Share your recording and send your files by IR, Bluetooth or e-mail.

    CallRec 5.1 is available here for $19.99.

    Note: Keep in mind that it's of course illegal in almost every jurisdiction in the US to record voice conversations without permission.

    PowerMan V2.01

    WISH Solutions has recently updated PowerMan to version 2.01.

    PowerMan allows you to configure your Palm to suit all situations. Automatically adjust brightness, control volume, set auto off timer and select vibrate mode on your Palm with the 'Auto Profile Switching' feature. Set your Palm for up to 8 profiles and select name to identify, such as 'Meeting', 'Outdoor', 'Game', etc. Featuring easy customizable brightness setting in block mode, supporting 9 levels of auto off timer starting from 30 seconds to 1 hour and you can select 'Never' off to overide the timer for continuous operation.


    • Customizable Profile - Extremely easy to use and well organized profiling entry.
    • Auto Profile Switching (APS) - Preset to automatically switch between profiles at scheduled time.
    • Temporary Profile - Allows you to use 'Temporary Profile' while in APS mode.
    • General Settings - Control brightness, auto power off and stay on while in cradle mode.
    • System Alert Settings - Set system, game, alarm volume and LED / vibrate alert settings.
    • Phone Settings - Configure phone ringing / SMS volume and vibrate settings.
    • Miscellaneous Settings - Ability to preset networking and infrared settings.
    • Missed Call/SMS LED Indicator - Notification for missed call/SMS without turning on your phone.
    • Power On Notifier - Shows you the current active profile everytime you turn on your Palm.

    PowerMan is available here for $12.95.

    Tradewinds 2 for PDAs and Smartphones

    Astraware and Sandlot Games have announced the release of the highly anticipated Tradewinds 2TM. Based on the highly-acclaimed PC game, Tradewinds 2 has been developed by Astraware for Palm OS and Windows Mobile handhelds and smartphones.

    Tradewinds 2 is the sequel to Tradewinds - a best-selling game of Far East trade and pirate adventures. Tradewinds 2 offers players a brand new adventure based in the exotic seas of the Caribbean. Building on the trading fun of the first game, Tradewinds 2 features 20 all new ports to explore, new ships and weapons to buy and upgrade, new goods to trade in, and a brand new feature - tasks to complete for honor and reward. In each port, the Governor may request the help of your captain - from simple shopping tasks to rescuing fair maidens and defeating dangerous pirates. Elicit help at the Inn, and buy charms and amulets from the trader to help your safe passage to the next port.

    Tradewinds 2 is available for Palm OS handhelds with hi-res screens running OS5, and for Windows Mobile devices with a touch screen running WM2003, 5.0, and 6.0. Priced at $19.95, visit Astraware for more information, to download a trial, or to buy.

    SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS Out of Beta

    Thanks to Harv for letting me know that Sling Media has just taken SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS out of beta and officially released SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS version 1.0.

    Sling Media says that this offical version will support the 3G-capable Treo 755p and 700p, although they encourage folks on other Palm platforms to take advantage of their free 30 day trial.

    In addition to squashing bugs during beta testing, Sling Media have added a few new features based solely on customer feedback:

    • Battery level indicator
    • Remote control button placement optimized for DVR usage
    • Ability to add any remote control functions as Favorites shortcuts

    SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS is available the US and Canada for a one-time fee of $29.99 USD and $34.99 CAD. The software can be downloaded now from the Sling Media website. Click here for the US and here for Canada.

    For those who are running the newest Beta, the beta will eventually time out and not run at all, so if you want to keep using it, you'll need to pay the $29.99 for version 1.0.

    Note on Sling Media's Site: SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS v1.0 may run on older Palm devices, but the viewing experience will vary depending on device capability and network conditions. We recommend that you download the free trial before purchasing SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS on these older devices.

    Be sure to read Harv Laser's excellent SlingPlayer Mobile Beta for PalmOS review.

    Photo Dialer 2 for Windows Mobile

    I read over at Smartphone Thoughts that V2R has recently released an upgrade to their Photo Dialer.

    Photo Dialer 2 shows you a "list" of your Photo Dialer people with their photo's in your Today screen. In order to use this feature just assign photos or any other images to your contacts. You can scroll through the Photo Dialer by using the left/right function with the joystick. In the sleep mode the application shows small thumbnails of your favourite people photos.

    New Features:

    • Now supports Outlook categories
    • Improved user interface
    • Improved animation speed
    • Now you can get your personalized icon sets and animations
    • Now supports Call history

    In order to install V2R Photo dialer plug in for WM 5 or for WM 6for Pocket PC just download the cab file. In the next step just copy the file with MS ActiveSync to your device and and run the cab file. For more information just read the Help file which you will find the Photo dialer setup in the Start folder.

    Photo Dialer 2 is $12.95. If you allready bought PhotoDialer v.1 for PPC or Smartphone, then you can have a free upgrade from here.

    CallsToJournal for Windows Mobile

    I just spotted CallsToJournal by Chapura over at PocketGear today. Of course Chapura is well-known for it's popular software PocketMirror and other great products.

    Your Windows Mobile smartphone is your connection to the people you know. Important clients, close colleagues, everybody who helps you do your business everyday. CallsToJournal helps you track the who, what, when, where and why of your phone conversations with these people.

    NEW! Upload your Windows Mobile call log with Outlook Journal. CallsToJournal provides accurate and reliable uploading of your Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone’s call log to Outlook Journal including:

    • Phone Number
    • Date
    • Time
    • Duration
    • Call notes on Pocket PC phones
    • Call type - incoming, outgoing and missed phone calls
    • Contact
    • Company

    Improve the accuracy of your contact management. Using CallsToJournal you can effortlessly use the information captured in the built-in call log more effectively. Keep track of when calls happened and with whom they took place.

    CallsToJournal automatically links each new Journal entry to the Outlook Contact with a matching phone number and adds those calls to the contact’s Activities list.

    CallsToJournal is available here for $19.95.

    Spb Wallet

    Wow, even more Windows Mobile software! Spb Software House today released a new program called Spb Wallet.

    Spb Wallet is a safe, secure and convenient storage for all your important information. Spb Wallet keeps all of your most valuable information encrypted using strong AES 256bit algorithm which is recommended by US Government for secret and top secret information. Additional features like automatic clipboard cleanup, a special logon panel and program auto-lock helps to protect your data against potential side channel attacks.

    Spb Wallet consists of a Pocket PC program, a companion desktop PC program and a synchronization module. The desktop application has all the features of its Pocket PC counterpart, as well as the ability to import data from other wallets and a special Internet Explorer toolbar that makes surfing on the web easier. Each user can synchronize his or her data between multiple desktops and multiple devices. So, if you use Spb Wallet on your office computer, home computer, notebook and your Pocket PC, your information will be synchronized on each of these computers.


    • Strong 256-bit AES encryption
    • Desktop version included
    • Synchronization
    • Toolbar for Internet Explorer
    • Real-card view
    • Customizable templates and cards
    • Password generator
    • Importing wizard
    • Smart tags to call/SMS/email/etc

    Spb Wallet is available here for $29.95.

    Astraware Fireworks

    And let's not forgot about Astraware's cute fireworks show for our Treos which Annie mentioned in her Talkin' Treo column last Friday!

    Fireworks by Astraware is a simple FREE application, showing sequences of fireworks flying and exploding into the air. Fireworks features a selection of patriotic backgrounds including the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Stars and Stripes, and offers a choice of stirring tunes including the Star Spangled Banner and Stars and Stripes Forever!

    Fireworks is available for devices running Palm OS® and Windows Mobile®. What better way to celebrate 4th July than with some Fireworks? Download your copy today - it's available for a limited time only! Oh, and did we mention, it's FREE?!

    Pictured above are a couple of screenshots from my Treo 680. Fireworks is a cute program and I like the different backgrounds and the music too! I enjoy the song "Stars and Stripes Forever" while watching the fireworks explode. ;-) Be sure to get your FREE copy and enjoy watching some fireworks on your Treo over the 4th of July holiday! A Big Thanks to Astraware for creating this cool app for us over here in the USA!

    We'll be back soon with the latest Treo software updates!

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