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Treo Software Roundup

Mon Jul 9, 2007 - 4:20 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


We have a few Treo software updates for you today. Let's see what's new or updated.

GPS4PPC 1.05

GPS4PPC, by Anywhere Software, has been updated. GPS4PPC is an open source application which includes a set of tools for navigation and GPS data.

GPS4PPC supports:

  • Converting coordinates between UTM and Lat / Lon.
  • Converting coordinates in different datums.
  • Calculating the distance and course between two coordinates.
  • Show GPS data.
  • Animated compass.
  • Built-in numpad for fast and easy input.

The update on this program is added support for Windows Mobile 6 devices.

GPS4PPC is Freeware and you can download it at PocketGear.

mVoice Updated

Palm Infocenter is reporting that mVoice by Motion Apps has been updated to version 5.5.3.

Support has been added for the Treo 755p. Another improvement is the added ability to adjust recording volume with the Treo's side buttons. File handling and deletion has also been improved, and the recording screen is no longer displayed by default when a phone call is ended.

mVoice is available here for $24.99.

Pocket Tunes Updated

Pocket Tunes by NormSoft has been updated to v4.0.3. According to their "Version History" page, 4.0.3. has been enhanced: Customers with devices that have Pocket Tunes in the ROM can now update to 4.0.3 and continue using Pocket Tunes after the trial expires. This enables Vista and Windows Media Player 11 compatibility.

You can get Pocket Tunes here for $19.95.

Power Hero

I was just reading over at Palm Addicts about a new Treo app by Hobbyist Software called Power Hero. There is an interesting story about the new app and you can read it at Palm Addicts.

"Power Hero is written to help you save precious battery power on your Treo. The front page gives an instant display of the main items on your phone that can suck battery power (and lets you easily turn them off). It has a powerful 'Power Saver' feature that can automatically turn off a network connection, bluetooth or Infrared x mins after you turn off your Treo. It lets you set schedules to control the phone connection, screen brightness, keyboard light, etc. Finally it has an experimental feature (in preferences) that turns on bluetooth when a call comes in." Read more.

You can download Power Hero on the Hobbyist Software downloads page in the Beta Apps section.

Update: Quick update to Power Hero, now at 0.31 beta.

  • 11/Jul/07 fixed: Key lights would blink when a schedule would turn them on while the screen is off.
  • 11/Jul/07 Added bluetooth on outgoing call option to PowerSaver form.
  • 11/Jul/07 Moved phone on/off quietly option from PowerSaver form to Edit/New Schedule form.
  • 11/Jul/07 Turning phone on/off from the main page is always quiet.
  • 11/Jul/07 Added bluetooth "it may not work right" info dialog on exit of PowerSaver form. Only shows once per app launch

Verizon MR Update IS Here

According to a TreoCentral Treo 700p forum thread started by dcpmark, the Verizon Treo 700p update is available at some Verizon Wireless corporate stores.

People who have found Verizon stores that have the update are reporting that the update is 1.10. It seems that some store techs know nothing about the update and some do and are willing to help 700p users update their Treos. The update seems to take about 20 to 30 minutes. Posts are still coming in as to how the software update is working. Here is part of the first post by dcpmark in the thread:

I immediately checked the version number...1.10. Yeah! I then did an immediate restore. I noticed something was different about the phone screen, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I noticed the Verizon Wireless banner was gone. I made a call...no problems. I thought I'd have to re-pair Bluetooth devices, but it immediately paired with my Kenwood car kit. I did notice that the names of the devices had been replaced with BT addresses. But so far everything worked! No incoming calls so that part wasn't tested yet.
Then I tried data....nothing worked. No email, no internet....nothing. Kept getting error messages about the data services not being available. I decided to *228 opt 1 my phone, and everything came back, even the Verizon Wireless banner. So far so good! More testing to follow.......

dcpmark, who got the update in the South Bay area of Southern California, said that it definitely fixes the car kit bug where the incoming call displayed is the one before the new call, but still wasn't able to send Contacts over to the car kit. Some posters have said that the update makes Blazer snappier. Some have said that they can't really tell all that much of a difference yet.

TreoCentral reported back in June about the ROM update for the Sprint version of the Treo 700p being online again. Keep an eye on the threads and on Palm's update site and hopefully, there will be an official Verizon Treo 700p update announcement soon.

Krome: New Treo Email App

I spotted a story over at Palm Infocenter about a new Treo email application called Krome. Krome, by Wolflane Software, is an easy-to-use email application for Treo cell phones. Email on your Treo has never been easier than with Krome's streamlined user interface. Integrated small font support lets you view more of your email at a glance. Advanced network support lets you read and create email while new emails are being downloaded.


  • Look up email addresses from your Treo contacts.
  • Store email on your Treo SD card.
  • Gain easy access to IMAP and POP3 email accounts.
  • Easily read email from multiple IMAP folders.
  • Try Krome free for 30 days.

Krome is availalbe here for $16.95.

New Palm OS Version of Google Maps

As Dieter and Mike talked about in the latest TreoCentral TreoCast, Google has released a new Palm OS version of Google Mobile Maps. MarkY started a thread about the update in the TreoCentral forums.

Looks like the update is version and this adds some of the stuff that was missing such as being able to easily load up contacts with a shortcut on the mainscreen. The updated version seems to be faster. Forum member ChristieC says:

One of the GREAT things about the new version is that there's a contacts tie-in for even those of us with 680s. There's no map link in the contacts app, but if you go to "Find Location" in the new version of Google Maps, there's a contacts lookup key on the lower right, which is awesome!

chadman says:

I just downloaded it.... it now offers the ROM functionality for the Treo 755p- meaning you have contact lookup! You look up contacts directly from the Google Maps PRC! How cool is that! The newest version is Very cool! Enjoy everyone.

I can't wait to check out the latest Google Maps on my Treo 680 later today.


1-Calc by Omega One has been recently updated to version 3.2.2. 1-Calc is a revolutionary calculator for the Pocket PC. It uses big buttons you can easily hit with your finger. The buttons provide clear audible & visual feedback of being pressed. It has been designed to be your "everyday" calculator that you can quickly pick up & use for a few basic calculations.

Just Some of the Features:

  • Basic Functions
  • The most common calculator functions at your fingertips: , -, x, ¡À, /-, 1/x, %, ¡î, ©ø¡î, x©÷, x©ø, full memory functions, x^y, !, Exp, 10^x, e^x. Also supports Algebraic, RPN & DAL calculator modes.
  • Backspace to edit mistakes, brackets to frame your expressions correctly.
  • Currency Converter
  • 1-Calc grabs the latest currency rates from the Internet so wherever you are, you always have the latest rates with you! Quickly convert between all major currencies. With Battery Pack Pro installed, tap on the currency rate in Power Time and be taken directly to 1-Calc to convert your money.
  • Unit Converter
  • A full unit converter that not only helps for the everyday conversions (e.g. km/miles, Fahrenheit/Celsius), but also for the unexpected (what's my shoe size in Europe?!?).
  • Financial & Statistical Functions
  • 1-Calc includes popular financial functions like Time Value Money, Percentage Change (%¥Ä), Interest Rate Conversions, Depreciation, Profit Margin and Break Even. Also solve statistics regression problems and convert between dates.
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Get all the functionality of a $150 graphing calculator on your Pocket PC. Enter up to four equations and see their paths plotted on the graph. Also does quadratic equations.
  • Scientific Functions
  • Full scientific calculator: sin, cos, tan, deg/rad/grad, PI, sin-1, cos-1, tan-1, sinh, cosh, tanh, log, ln, sinh-1, cosh-1, tanh-1, Dec->Deg, Deg->Dec, XY->R, R¥è->X, XY->¥è, R¥è->Y, Random, nPr, nCr, Last Answer.
  • Useful constants for scientific calculations are also available as a group of buttons. You don't need to keep constants on a scrap of paper any more!
  • Tip Calculator
  • Finally work out who should pay when you're out with friends!
  • Memory Banks

1-Calc is available here for $29.99.

Agendus for Windows Mobile version 1.1. Released

iambic has released Agendus for Windows Mobile version 1.1 . This update introduces a new view, the 'Contact View Compact Mode' which allows for faster navigation through contact lists. The new view is reachable via the soft menu as well as the toolbar's 'Contact' icon. Other new features include support for the Pocket Outlook appointment status field and German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese versions. Additionally, a number of improvements and functionality refinements have been brought in as per users' feedback and suggestions.

Agendus for Windows Mobile has been optimized to handle the dynamics of your everyday life, and provide a level of proactive personal assistance that so far has only been available from a “real-life” assistant, not a Windows Mobile-based phone or PDA.

New Features:

  • Contact View: Added Compact List Mode,/li>
  • Meetings: Added "Status" support which finds its counterpart in the appropriate Pocket Outlook field
  • German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish localizations are now available (a few areas are still displaying in English, their localized counterpart will be updated as it becomes available)

Improvements and Functionality Refinements:

  • Week List & Task View: Added optional Multi-line support for when a contact is associated
  • Added the 'Insert Phone Number' that previously appeared only on Calls to also Meeting and Task edit dialogs
  • All edit dialogs: Extended right soft menu button to include the most commonly used action items
  • Optimized handling of icon display through the various views and dialogs
  • Addressed some controls being partially cut off on the Additional Details tab of Meeting and Task edit dialogs
  • Corrected various navigation oddities and loss of settings with certain steps in Icon Defaults and Themes preferences
  • Dpad navigation improvements made in Task and Contact views
  • Today view: Corrected number of days of email summary to show not filtering accurately according to user preferences
  • All Calendar views: Made the date area between the date navigating arrows tap & dpad -> center aware so that it invokes a pop-up list to easily pick from
  • Contact views: When in grouping mode, improved dpad behavior so that after expanding a group via dpad->right, a second dpad->right would jump to the toolbar
  • Contact View: Cursor is now placed in Quick Look-up at once upon showing the Contact view to allow immediate look-up
  • Contact edit dialog: Improved scrolling behavior of the 'Tel.' tab dialog
  • Added support for multiple email address selection when 'Email' is chosen from the various tap/hold (dpad/hold) menus
  • Added soft menu buttons to the Dial/Email dialog, which appears for multiple numbers/email addresses, allowing for quicker action
  • Corrected poor display of events in list views when a contact was present and also with certain other properties, such as alarm, icon, notes were present
  • Month Views: Addressed incorrect dating of new events created via tap/hold when the selected date was outside the month being viewed. Tap/hold now changes view to that month.
  • Weather forecast: Corrected poor display of forecast when using large fonts
  • Task views: When in grouping mode, improved dpad behavior so that after expanding a group via dpad->right, a second dpad->right would jump to the toolbar

Agendus for Windows Mobile Pocket PC Professional Edition is available here for $24.95.

Treo vs iPhone

Tunji Afonja over at Gx5 has written an interesting article on his blog in which he compares his Treo 755p to his new Apple iPhone. Tunji has lots of great comparison photos of apps on both devices. Here is his comparison shot of iPhone Phone app vs DialByPhoto.

The DialByPhoto app looks better to me and it has the advantage of photo contacts and customizable layouts and backgrounds. Tunji also has a comparison shot of Google Maps on both devices. I gotta tell ya, seeing that map shot layed out on that huge iPhone screen really got the ole drool glands going. I have to agree with Tunji as he says:

The one on the Treo gets the job done but the one on the iPhone is just freaking unreal. iPhone Google Maps wins hands down.

You can check out the full article and see all the comparison shots here.

Backup Pro

Backup Pro by RoGame Software can protect your data by keeping an up-to-date copy of everything on a memory card (SD, MMC). It does this in a very efficient manner and is extremely fast. To give you complete peace-of-mind it also allows for unattended automatic backups at a pre-determined time of the day. Files can be selectively backed up and restored. RoGame Software gives away the Lite version for Free.

Features in the Pro version include:

  • great interface
  • unattended backups
  • automatic backup after HotSync
  • removal of orphaned files
  • selective restore
  • exclusion of files for backup
  • elaborate file view of backup directory and files in RAM
  • quick toolbar access
  • as always a year of free upgrades
  • and much more ...

Backup Pro is available here for $14.95.


MapView, a new program by inDev Software, is the only solution to view large maps on your Palm handheld with high speed and in native resolution. Using bundled MapMaker application you can create on your desktop (Windows only) a specially formatted map file from any of your images and then view them on your Palm with MapView. No matter what the original image size is, the map file will open almost instantly and you can zoom it in to see all the details of the original image. Of course, the files displayed by the MapView do not have to be maps only - it is suitable to view any high resolution image. To make maps viewing even more useful MapView supports GPS Bluetooth devices and allows mapping coordinates received from GPS device to the currently displayed map file so you can view your current position on the map. This feature is especially useful when maps for some areas are not available for your bundled GPS software - you can simply scan the paper map you have, convert it using MapMaker software on your desktop, copy to the Palm, bind the map to the GPS coordinates and use it to get your current location. Also MapView supports JPEG and GIF images viewing, so it can also be a default viewer for your regular images.


  • High speed decoding of high resolution images without loosing any details
  • Images and thumbnails antialiasing
  • Support viewing regular JPEG and GIF images
  • Free minor version updates within a single major version release
  • All screen resolutions supported (160x160, 320x320, 320x480 portrait and landscape)
  • Thumbnail view
  • ARM optimization
  • Full-featured memory card browser

MapView is available here for $19.95.

Pocket Controller-Pro V6

Pocket Controller Pro by SOTI Inc has been recently updated to version 6.0.1, which applied assorted minor improvements, adjustments and fixes.

View and control your mobile device using your desktop computer screen, keyboard and mouse with Pocket Controller-Pro. Enjoy greater control than ever before to achieve a higher level of productivity, and deliver customized and professional presentations. Harness the power of your mobile device with Pocket Controller-Pro V6! Download a full-featured trial today!

Now With 10 Products in 1:

  • 1. Real-Time Remote Control
  • 2. Presentation Tools
  • 3. Training Tools
  • 4. File Synchronization
  • 5. File Explore Tool
  • 6. Registry Editor Tool
  • 7. Task Manager Tool
  • 8. System Information Tool
  • 9. Screen/Video Capture
  • 10. Printing
  • Pocket Controller Pro is available here for $35.95.

    Butler has New Look

    I just got an email from Rob over at Hobbyist Software who says:

    Butler just out-grew it's front page. I added two new features, and now there just isn't room for a button per feature!
    So, Butler has a new look - the front page lets you scroll through features which are categorised for ease of use.

    The two new features are:

    Auto-Off preferences

    • Set your auto off time from 1min to 999 seconds (about 15 mins)
    • Set your treo to stay on when plugged in to the charger

    Speedy Keys

    • Speed up the key repeat rates on your Treo so that you can scroll and navigate faster with the 5way

    Tip: The new Butler front page can be really quick - you just have to press the first letter of the feature you want, and Butler will open that page.

    There are also some other new features, like the ability to flash the screen with alarms for silent alerts.

    Well, it looks like Butler just keeps getting better and better.

    4Cast Updated

    I read over at 1src that ShSh Software has updated 4Cast.

    With 4Cast, you get Today & next 4 day’s weather, plus radar images, weather alerts, and detailed forecast. 4Cast can also be used as a plugin for 2day, DateBk6 & ZLauncher.

    Changes from version 1.70 (038)

    • Wallpapers: added option to select wallpaper skins from main memory. Some skins can be found in the ZIP file.
    • Adding cities: a fix for when there are several matches to a searched city.

    The minimum requirements for 4Cast are: Wireless web access - either on device or via HotSync to a desktop PC.

    4Cast is available here for $9.95.

    LightWav 2

    LightWav 2 by Toysoft Development, Inc. has been updated to version 2.4.

    LightWav is the only MP3/WAV/OGG ringtone and caller ID manager for the Treo 600/ 650/ 700p/755/ 680 that you will ever need. LightWav is packed with cool features such as MP3/WAV/OGG ringtones, full screen JPG callerID, GIF and Animated GIF and Live! video callerID, callerID blocking, Announce call with many different languages, ringtone volume boosting, do not disturb, call notes, Missed Call, powerful Simple Profile and many more features.

    Just Some of the Features:

    • Includes MP3/WAV/OGG player. No need for 3rd party audio player
    • Repeat individual ringtone specifying duration in seconds to repeat,/li>
    • Set song position to start playing as the ringtone
    • Ringtone volume boosting. Ringtone not loud enough. No problem with Lightwav
    • Option to always Send SMS to mobile number if exists. No matter it the caller called from Landline
    • Announce incoming call. Many different languages
    • Send friendly SMS message for missed calls Pager. Use Lightwav as a traditional pager for incoming SMS and Missed Calls
    • Simple yet powerful Profile Manager. Take control of your Treo.
    • Calendar/Agendus/Datebk6 profile integration
    • MP3 ringtone safe mode in case the external card becomes
    • ejected
    • 2Day integration. See all blocked and missed calls on 2Day screen
    • Detailed incoming call log

    LightWave 2 is available here for $24.95.


    CrazyAlarms, also by Toysoft, Inc., has been recently updated to version 2.0. Crazy Alarms is a system wide alarm application that you can schedule alarms for MP3/OGG alarm sounds, launch application, system lock, start Hotsync and do soft reset. In addition on the Treo you can schedule to turn off and on Radio, Mute on and off system sound, call a phone number and send SMS message.

    With each alarm you can schedule to repeat any day of the week or the entire week. There is no limit on the number of alarms that you can set.


    • Schedule multiple Alarms
    • Schedule MP3 alarms
    • Schedule MIDI Alarms
    • Repeat alarms for any day or the entire week
    • Supports vibrate
    • Support PocketTunes, Aeroplayer and VideoTones for MP3/WAV/OGG alarms
    • Schedule soft reset
    • Schedule LCD brightness
    • Schedule Automated Hotsync
    • Treo: Schedule to turn Off and On phone
    • Treo: Schedule to Mute Off and On sound
    • Treo: Schedule to call any phone number
    • Treo: Schedule to send sms message
    • Treo: Schedule to forward and un-forward phone

    CrazyAlarms is available here for $6.99.

    Well, that's it for now. If I see anymore new or updated Treo software titles, I'll be sure to add them.

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