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Treo Leather Belt Clip Holster

Fri Aug 30, 2002 - 12:04 PM EDT - By Andreas G. Nie

First impression

A new product has joined the line of third party belt clip holsters for Handspring's Treo Communicator family: the leather belt clip holster by Leather International. The company's web site advertizes the holster's "unique custom-designed metal clip". Although the picture shown on the product page (back then) did not reveal this little wonder I still decided to order this holster.

After about ten days (had to be shipped to Germany!) I received an envelope with a nice little black box containing the holster wrapped in beautifully printed white paper. The package already made a very noble impression. Eventually it was just adequate for this superb accessory. The holster is made of soft black leather with the word "TESKI" imprinted in the front. The inside is lined with a rough, yet not scratching black material. A black press button closes the holster. The right side of it is not entirely closed to leave room for the antenna and the buttons on the Treo's top. My Treo 180 fits perfectly into the holster. Both sides tend to bulge out a little due to the rounded bottom and top lid of the Treo but since the front and back are a little wider it's no problem. All buttons on the top of the Treo are easily accessible, I can even put my Treo into silent mode while it's in the holster. Noticeable is a rather big opening on the front which goes down to the middle of the bottom part of the holster. At first, the meaning and function of this was not quite obvious to me but the mystery was solved as soon as I took the Treo out of the holster.

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