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Smartphone Experts Top Pouch Case

Thu Nov 15, 2007 - 8:00 AM EST - By Douglas Morse


It’s a pleasure to get something in to review that just works. You’d expect that with something so simple as a Treo case, that would be the ‘case’ more often than not. However, many cases just seem to be missing a bit of design sense. Not so the Smartphone Experts Top Pouch case for the Treo line. This one works simply, efficiently, and correctly.


One thing to note is that this is a universal case. It will work with any of the antenna or antennaless Treos. So this one is a good choice if you’re looking to upgrade in a bit, say from a Treo 700 to 750.

The TopPouch case is exactly that: it is a pouch that you slide your Treo into from the top. Over the top is a simple loop of leather with a strong magnetic flap closure. Gone are the days of snaps, as the magnetic closure seems to be the order of the day. Magnetic flap closures are simple and great. They just work, and there’s no problem having to deal with lining up the snap with a small hole. The leather case is reinforced front and back while the sides are simply leather. The inside of the case is lined with a soft black felt, a bit squishy in which to both protect and snugly hold your device.

The unit is thoroughly stitched around the entire case, reinforcing the corners and securely keeping all pieces where they should be – including the top strap. The stitching itself is of the same tan as the case I am using. The case itself comes in four two-toned varieties and one monochromatic (black) option. I’m using the Saddle Brandy version. Brandy refers to the medium brown smooth leather on the back and top flap. It’s a lovely hue and smooth. The Saddle is slightly lighter tan textured leather on the front and sides. Other options, to complement the Brandy back side are Red, Cocoa, and Cream. I am partial to the cream, but it was out of stock when I got my review unit.

I should also mention that the Smartphone Experts SPE logo is tastefully engraved on the front of the case. I’ve been reviewing products at TreoCentral for a while now and it’s been a pleasure to watch the Smartphone Experts products ‘come of age’ with elegant designs that just work.


This case is designed to do one thing, and perhaps that’s why it does it so well. It is NOT designed to hold a skinned Treo, so the fit is very snug. It is NOT designed to be used with or without a beltclip. It simply has a very strong leather beltclip stitched and reinforced into the back. The clip is low profile enough to comfortably have in a backpack pocket, but as a belt clip option, is excellent. It doesn’t swivel or offer options for car mounts or other such nonsense. It has a backwards bend to help it slip over a belt with ease, and then a tight clamp. I found it usable in all situations. As usual, a case like this is a great combo with a Bluetooth Headset. I should mention that the Treo is easy to slide out simply by grasping the sides of the Treo and is easily done one handed.

On the bottom, the headphone jack is available and on the side the IR port is visible. With a quick flip of the top, you can adjust the ringer switch, or on some models, swap your memory card. As I stated earlier, the magnetic closure is perfect. Strongly stitched in the back, a strong magnet holds it shut in front.

This is one case that I would trust to protect my Treo from many mishaps.


I was very impressed with the price of this case. At $19.95, it is priced like similar cases, and the strength and design are worth it. I love the color choices, the strength of all the stitching, the strong clip, and the padded, snug and soft felt interior. All in all, an excellent choice.

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Design 5
Features 4
Protection 4
Price/Performance 5
(not an average)
  • Low Profile
  • Felt-Lined, soft interior
  • Snug
  • Good Price
  • Strong
  • Cons
  • None

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