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Black AT&T Centro Spotting

Thu Mar 27, 2008 - 3:41 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


WooHoo, it might not be official, but we've got a report of a Black GSM Centro spotting! Our very own Brian Hart, who writes for Phone Different, has just grabbed himself a shiny Black beauty at his local AT&T store! Congrats Brian!

Brian says:

Finally, after much anticipation and salivation, the GSM Black Centro is available at AT&T (here in Salt Lake City, Utah, at least). I was in an AT&T store for another matter (Treo 750) and I casually asked about when they would be seeing a black Centro. My salesperson told me she saw some in the back room! Woooohoooo!
Fortunately I had my "glacier white" Centro with me with all receipts and packaging, so the exchange was painless (well within my 30-day exchange period; I LOVE that policy!). So without further a-do, here is an actual picture of my new black Centro on the counter of the AT&T store (courtesy of the camera on my iPhone).
Enjoy! And be sure to call your local AT&T store to see if they are in stock for you!

Thanks Brian! And I had already started drooling as I was uploading the pic. ;-)

So.... you might want to check with your local AT&T store and see if there are any Black Centros available. Good luck!

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