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Side Shot of the Treo 800w

Mon May 19, 2008 - 11:13 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Another neat photo of the Treo 800w surfaced on Friday, this one a side shot, via WMExperts, from Shadowmite.

I really see more of a resemblance to the Centro from the side shot because of the silver edging. Of course we already saw the similarity in the first photo since the phone send/end keys and the 5-way nav key looks a lot like the Centro's too.

Silicon Alley Insider posted an article over the weekend about the Treo 800w photo. Dan Frommer wrote that they'd spent the previous two years with a Palm Treo and found it to be both the best and worst phone they'd ever owned. But they plan to upgrade to an Apple 3G iPhone next instead of a Treo. Silicon Alley Insider thinks that the upcoming Treo 800w looks hideous:

Pretty much everyone else in the mobile business has been able to lift at least some of the features that make the iPhone so appealing -- large, glossy screen; thin, elegant case; etc. Not Palm.

Regarding whether or not the 800w will sell, they think that it'll do okay if Palm sells it at $199 and no higher.

Silicon Alley Insider also said:

Palm still has a little time to figure things out: We won't know much about the company's long-term prospects until its new, Linux-based operating system -- and whatever slick new phones they can sell along with it -- comes out in 2009. The smartphone business is going to grow rapidly for several years, so if Palm can deliver a competitive product, there's still plenty of growth opportunity for them. But they're going to have to do much, much better than this.

Hmmm, I don't find the photo of the 800w hideous at all. I like how it looks. I'm happy that this Treo will finally have WiFi but I do agree that this is something we should have seen a long time ago from Palm.

I do hope that Palm will include bigger screens in their future devices since the iPhone has come out, making that feature an important one to include. I also hope to see a much better web browser than Blazer.

I guess we'll see what Palm has to show us whenever their new OS and devices come out. I can't wait! And of course I can't wait for the Treo 800w either, which won't be much longer! ;-)

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