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More Women "Get" Smartphones...

Tue Jul 29, 2008 - 10:32 AM EDT - By Annie Latham

Earlier this year, a buyer survey revealed that Palm had twice as many women Centro customers as they had users of its traditional Treo products, which are more business friendly. Keeping that in mind, the next news item shouldnÂ’t be a surprise. Per a story by Whitney Coleman in The Witchta Eagle, it appears that women are embracing smartphones to organize their lives.
"Busy local mom Lisa Hilyard, 38, says that her Treo smartphone keeps track of everything from grocery lists to her two kids' whereabouts. "It keeps me on task," Hilyard said. "If I need to remind myself to do something, it will go off and I'll say, 'Oh yeah, I forgot I have to do this.' "
According to research from Nielsen Mobile, an industry-tracking group, the number of women using smartphones to organize their lives has more than doubled in the past year. Per the story, more than 10 million women have adopted the business-born phones for Internet, e-mail and calendar access, storage of thousands of phone numbers and often camera and video capabilities while on the go. One interesting example of an application for moms on-the-go, is Baby Insights, a program that tracks an infant's eating, sleeping and medication cycles, which runs on Windows Mobile devices. As the number of women users continues rise, you can expect more software developers to be reaching out to this growing market.

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