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Celio Redfly Now Available in the TreoCentral Store

Thu Aug 7, 2008 - 11:29 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

The Foleo-Like Device

Remember that cool device, the Celio Redfly that took off not long after the Palm Foleo got cancelled? The Redfly is a mobile companion for your Windows Mobile phone. Dieter got his hands on one and wrote up a great review over at our sister site WMExperts back in May.

Dieter explains what the Redfly does pretty well:

What the Redfly does is connect to your Windows Mobile phone over USB or Bluetooth and “trick” it into believe it has a large, 800x480 screen and a near full-sized keyboard instead of a tiny 320x240 screen and a chicklet keyboard. So the Redfly itself stores no data and has no processing power, it all stays on the smartphone.

Well, WooHoo, the Redfly is now available in the TreoCentral store for $499.95!

From Celio's website:

REDFLY is a smartphone terminal with a large screen and full keyboard with no OS, no CPU, and no storage that lets you use your smartphone like a laptop. REDFLY links to your smartphone via a USB cable or wireless Bluetooth connection.
Easily do email, read attachments, view web sites, and use applications that reside on your smartphone with 8 hours of battery life.

The Redfly is compatible now with the Treo 700w/wx and Treo 750. Drivers will be available for the Treo 800w and the Treo 500 at celiocorp.com by Friday.

What Can You Do With Redfly?

  • Thanks to REDFLY’s large screen and full keyboard, you can use your smartphone more and your laptop less. Most people don’t take full advantage of their smartphone’s high-speed data connection, powerful hardware and robust applications due to the limitations of smartphones’ tiny screens and cumbersome keyboards.
  • REDFLY unleashes your smartphone making it easy to type long emails, check attachments, work with spreadsheets, make presentations, view websites, fully utilize CRM applications and connect to remote servers, desktops and applications from anywhere using your smartphone’s data connection.
  • Use REDFLY’s two USB ports to connect a mouse, charge your smartphone directly from REDFLY’s powerful battery, or access data on USB Flash drives.
  • Need an easy way to make presentations on the road without a laptop? REDFLY has you covered. Just plug a projector or large monitor into REDFLY’s VGA port and use PowerPoint Mobile to run the presentation.
  • Have you ever tried to look up a contact, respond to a text message, forward an email or just get work done while having a mobile phone conversation at the same time? With REDFLY, you can use both hands on its large screen and full keyboard to fully access your smartphone and get the job done while talking to someone on your smartphone.,/li>

Here's more great news! Our sister site WMExperts is giving away a Celio Redfly! So head on over there for all the juicy details! Dieter has put together a quick Redfly box opening so check that out too. ;-)

I was really sad when Palm cancelled the Foleo. I'm still hoping for a Foleo II someday. But for now, we have a Foleo-like device for our Windows Mobile Treos, and it's the Celio Redfly. Check it out! ;-)

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