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Fri Nov 29, 2002 - 12:11 PM EST - By Dieter Bohn

User Interface & Treo Specific Features

SnapperMail's best feature is how easy it is to use. It's simple incredible how much thought has gone into making it clean and simple. It takes the best UI elements from TreoMail and Eudora and adds a few of its own. The most obvious and perhaps best feater is the "Finger-Nav Mode.

By tapping the icon in the lower-righthand corner, you can toggle between "Stylus Mode" and "FingerNav Mode." FingerNav makes everything bigger, the text, the amount of space a message takes up in the index view, the scrollbar even gets bigger when you tap it!

If you set SnapperMail to one of your primary buttons, hitting that button again while you're in the application starts a send/fetch. This is great if you're a Treo user - you can get the Treo to check your mail without opening it up. I couldn't find a way to turn it off, however, which could be a problem if you're likely to have buttons pushed while in your pocket.

Speaking of Treo-features, SnapperMail also works with the Jog-Rocker in an intuitive way. In the index screen, move up and down to select messages, push in to open them. In the message view screen, move up and down to scroll, push in to go back to the index screen. SnapperMail also takes pains to have every feature accessible under the menu scheme, meaning you are less likely to have to whip out that stylus. Oh, and it displays the Treo's signal-strength and battery indicators (which these screenshots don't show).

Like Eudora, you can hold the stylus (or, as above, you finger) down on a message in the index view and then drag it to select multiple messages, upon which you can then perform actions. SnapperMail has all the icons to indicate "Read," "Marked for deletion on server," etc. You can also sort by columns and resize the columns

Finally, to help you use all these features there is a great tutorial. When you first install SnapperMail it opens with a handful of messages that walk you though how to use everything. It's almost not necessary, SnapperMail follows the Zen of Palm nicely.

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