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Treo Software Roundup - v081508

Fri Aug 15, 2008 - 9:36 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

Palm OS

Welcome to this week's roundup! New for Palm OS is IEO-Bill Track and Improvement To Do and more. New for WM is Resource Elevator, 185 ringtone Wallpaper and more, plus updates. Let's round 'em up and get started...

Palm OS New:

IEO-Bill Track v2.0

IEO-Bill Track, by ieosoft, is a simple and effective bill payment tracking system!


  • It lists all bills that you need to make payment.
  • It allows categorizing the bill lists into different categories.
  • It reminds you when approaching to the bill date due.
  • It tells you how many bills paid or unpaid.
  • It calculates the total bill amount that you have to pay.
  • It supports Memo Pad printing. Complete and step by step guidance is available at developer web site.
  • It comes complete with html documentation with screen shots to get you started. Documentation folder is available with Demo/Reg installer.

Stay on top of things! Sometimes it pays to have someone/something help you keep track of what is due and when. Man, do I have stories of times when I simply Forgot that a particular bill was due!

Get it here for just $7.95! A small price to pay if you've ever missed a due date!

Collins English-Spanish Dictionary (80,000 references, 3rd edition) v1.0

Need help on the go translating English to Spanish? Need to find a restroom and don't know how to ask? Grin. Hope you'd have that one ready in advance, but check out Collins English-Spanish Dictionary, by HarperCollins, just in case!

The new Collins Dictionary Downloads for Palm give you access to a truly unique language resource that has been designed specifically for use on the move. All the clear, concise, and accurate dictionary content which has made Collins a household name has been incorporated and is enhanced by the clarity, ease of use, and functionality of your device’''s interface. With all the the latest vocabulary - including key expressions, example sentences and cultural notes on life and language you need never be stuck for words again.


  • An advanced search functionality that recognizes misspelt forms and inflected forms (eg cinammon will take you to cinnamon)
  • Keyboard shortcuts help you find words fast e.g. you can swap from English to Spanish searches or review past searches using a single key
  • A verb conjugator so you can be confident you are using the correct form
  • The ability to easily translate numbers to text
  • A multilingual interface which means you can search in both Spanish and English

I like that it recognizes misspelt words, not that I'd ever mipsell anything!

Get it here for $12.99.

PearKoran v1.0

PearKoran, by PearMobile Ltd, is a pretty electronic version of the Koran that lets you enjoy the truths of Allah`s Word anywhere you go. You don’t need to carry heavy books with you any more, now everything you need is in your PDA! It also includes a few religion holidays. You can export these holidays into the DateBook, when you want to set reminders on them. If you prefer reading in Memo you can export texts of the Koran and descriptions of holidays there as well.


  • Two translations (M.H. Shakir and Adullah Yusuf Ali)
  • Religion holidays up to 2012
  • Each holiday has a description
  • Available exporting chapters and holidays into Memo (Memos) and DateBook (Calendar)
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

Get it here for just $4.95.

Improvement To Do v2.2

Improvement To Do, by ieosoft, is a self-improvement tool for Palm Powered handheld. By using this program, you can list all of your improvements to do including personal, business, health, home, like, study, sports, etc...Remind yourself why you need to improve it, when to start and end, what are the status as well as your action plan.


  • Unlimited listing of improvement to do.
  • Print out your report using the memo pad.
  • An action plan field for creating your own action plan.

Note: Please implement your plan. What’s the point of a plan if you do not take action!

Get it here for $6.50 and put your plan into motion.

Palm OS Updated:


Alex Pruss Software has updated its FontSmoother to version 2.31.

So, is the default font on your PDA not smooth or readable enough? Or maybe you would like fonts that are bigger... or smaller but still very legible? Perhaps using italics would look cool? Or do you have a favorite Windows font you want to use on your PDA? Make your ebook reader, browser and other applications look better than ever!

Smoothed fonts (antialiased fonts) decrease font "jagginess". FontSmoother lets you use smooth fonts in almost all applications on your hi-res OS 5 PDA (but not lo-res devices like Treo 600 or some Zires). FontSmoother includes a number of free smooth fonts and you can convert Windows TrueType fonts with the free EasyConvert utility.

There is a free 8 day trial, after which all smooth fonts default to their non-smooth versions until registration is completed. However, after the 8 days, font smoothing should remain in effect for free in the following applications PalmBible , BibleThumper, Bible Explorer with You, Bible with You, OliveTree Bible Reader, Concordance with You, myBible, BibleReadme, Universalis Liturgy of the Hours, and Virtual Rosary.

And, of course, you get FREE upgrades for the life of the product!


  • Use smooth fonts.
  • Use different fonts in different applications.
  • Make your own fonts out of Windows TrueType fonts (if your font license allows this).
  • Compatible with the latest version of Fonts4OS5, FontHackV or FontSubst, but can be used on its own.

Being someone with less than perfect eyesight, I usually increase the size of my font when possible. I'm sure FontSmoother would smooth out the jadded edges of these larger fonts!

Get it here for $12.95!


Software Sentience Ltd has updated its PhoneLog to version 1.16.

With PhoneLog you use your Treo's Phone Call log the way it should be!
See duration of each call, order the list the way you want, color code call types, restrict calls by date, type and name/number.
NOW INCLUDES export to CSV (via Memos)


  • Color Code Call types (color Incoming, Outgoing and Missed in your choice of color
  • Sort calls by Type, Name/Number or Date (acsending or descending, you choose)
  • Restrict calls show by Date, type and /or Name/Number
  • See summaries of total time and numbers of calls made
  • Export Call History in CSV format
  • Free updates

New in version 1.16
Version 1.16 Fixed an error that can lead to "Error 40: Database Not Opened" after returning from the Preferences screen.

Get it here for just $5.95.


Alarms, by PalmarySoft, has been updated to version 1.1.

Alarms is powerful alarm clock program. Flexible preferences of repeating allows you never miss any important event! Support of MIDI and WAW/MP3 files allows you use any music to your taste for alarm sound.


  • Unlimited number of independent alarms
  • Quick titles for frequently used alarms
  • Flexible hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly repeating preferences
  • Extended sound preferences
  • MIDI, ringtones support
  • WAW/MP3 support

New in version 1.1

  • Categories in alarms list are added
  • First letter look-up in alarms list is added
  • Full Centro support is added
  • Misc bug fixes

Get it here for $9.95.

PopCap Games Pack 1 for Palm OS

Astraware has updated its PopCap Games Pack 1 for Palm OS to version 2.61!

Swap gems to make lines in the fiendishly addictive Bejeweled. Amazingly simple to play - Unbelievably hard to put down! One of the rare games that you can play all day 'just one more go' at a time.

Escape to the exit and outwit the mummy in Mummy Maze. This puzzle game is simple to learn, and offers many hours of absorbing puzzle playing!

Navigate your galleon through hazardous waters, avoiding pirates, reefs, and even sea monsters in Seven Seas. Blast the pirates with a full broadside from your cannons to earn extra points, or lure them onto the reefs to destroy them.

Turn lead into gold and become the mythical Alchemical Grand Master in Alchemy. Place runes of magical shapes and colours onto the screen, and turn the board to gold!

Make Molecules in Dr. Atomicus' Laboratory in Atomica! Build up atomic power by moving atoms to make larger and larger molecules.


  • Great graphics, animations, and sound effects
  • High Score boards
  • Two (or more) levels of difficulty
  • Owners of Palm OS® handhelds have the ability to submit your best scores to our Internet High Score tables
  • A built in instructions page
  • An intuitive 'Pen Tap' play system

Let me tell you, Astraware makes GREAT games and here you get FOUR of them!! You can't lose!!

Get it here for $29.95!

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