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2002: a Year of Transition

Mon Dec 23, 2002 - 7:06 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Moving to the Treo

A Year of Transition

Well another year has gone by in the handheld world, and if I could use one word to characterize 2002, it would be transition.

The first key transition has been Handspring moving from the Visor to the Treo. The move is the right one to make for the company; with mobile phone manufacturers making a big push for smartphones, handheld computers need some type of wireless connectivity. Microsoft has been showcasing the Pocket PC Phone Edition and a smartphone that is now available in Europe, and Palm will be

Wireless connectivity does not necessarilly need to be cellular, but it does need to be included. The Treo 90 would be the perfect handheld if it had built-in Bluetooth like the Palm Tungsten T. Sure the SDIO Bluetooth card lets me do that with the Treo 90, but the card sticks out, not to mention that the cost of the Treo 90 Bluetooth is about the same as the cost of the Tungsten T.

Of course the Tungsten T requires Graffiti input, and as much as I like Graffiti, once you use a keyboard, you will never want to use Graffiiti (or any other handwriting recognition) again. The Tungsten T is also a transition, as it is one of the first handhelds to use Palm OS 5. Many of the new features of the operating system are behind-the-scenes, but some of the prominent features like multimedia features and native hi-res support are welcome additions.

Here's hoping the next Treo includes Bluetooth and Palm OS 5 support. Then I could use a Bluetooth headset and MP3 ringtones!

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