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KeyToss Releases Major New Features For Free Personalized Smartphone Portal

Tue Sep 23, 2008 - 2:10 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

I reported on KeyToss v2 Beta last month. To refresh your memory, KeyToss is a powerful, personalizable, mobile portal for smartphones and it's Free. Looks like you can really find all the information you need with KeyToss as it's packed with ways to search. KeyToss allows you to use over 50 different mobile-friendly search tools - including Google, Amazon.com, Dictionary.com, eBay, Flickr, PriceGrabber, UPS Package Tracking, Wikipedia, Yelp and YouTube. You select which tools you want in your menu and access the rest using keywords.

Today, KeyToss announced the release of major features to its powerful, personalizable smartphone portal.

For the first time in a full-featured, mobile portal, users will be able to add virtually any link to their personal web pages, and share them with others.

KeyToss enables four types of custom links:

  • links to mobile-friendly pages
  • links to pages that are automatically converted to mobile format using one of four mobile transcoders
  • links to user-selected news feeds
  • links to Google Local searches customized to the user's location

According to the email I received, KeyToss users can choose from a set of pre-selected links, or enter their own links, either by typing them in directly or by clicking a bookmark while browsing via a PC.

Other new features include a Gmail status module and a mobile transcoder module. The Gmail module alerts the user to new messages in the selected Gmail account, and provides a direct link to the Gmail Mobile website. The mobile transcoder module gives users a choice of four mobile transcoders - Google, Mowser, Skweezer, and Phonify - to convert any webpage into mobile-friendly format.

You can access the KeyToss mobile portal for Free at keytoss.com.

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