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Celio REDFLY Temporarily Reduced to $199

Thu Sep 25, 2008 - 3:40 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

What a nice early Fall surprise! Dieter has just let me know that Celio and the TreoCentral Store have reduced the price of the REDFLY to $199.95. It's a temporary price reduction through the rest of September and October and Celio is telling us that the deal will only last as long as they have supplies of “seed units.”

Dieter says that Celio is aiming at getting the REDFLY into the hands of users. They mentioned at CTIA that they really feel that once they get enough of the devices into the users' hands, the gadget's popularity will sell.Celio says:

Celio has found that a REDFLY device in the hands of media, developers or mobile enthusiasts has tremendous viral marketing benefit. Therefore, we have budgeted a limited amount of REDFLY devices for placement at $199 until October 31, 2008

Wow, $199 sounds good to me! Remember back when I first reported about the REDFLY back in January? I had compared it to the Palm Foleo along with another Foleo-like device. The REDFLY was going to debut at $499, priced similar to the Foleo, although the Foleo was going to initially be $600 before a $100 rebate.

You can read Dieter's REDFLY review that he wrote over at our sister site WMExperts. Dieter gave the REDFLY a 4 out of 5 in his review. In his conclusion, he said:

The Redfly definitely impresses. I'm fully, and I mean fully on board with the concept of leaving everything on my smartphone and just using a peripheral like the Redfly to display and input data. This arrangement works especially well with Windows Mobile, which scales well and already has a desktop-like interface to begin with.

Anyway, how does $199 for a REDFLY sound? Sounds good to me! In fact, I just put in my order. I've been thinking about getting a REDFLY for awhile now, and hearing about this temporary price reduction just made up my mind. ;-) If you're hankering for a REDFLY, head over to the TreoCentral Store and grab one while they're on sale. Hmmm... now let me go and think about how I'm going to explain this latest gadget purchase to my hubby! *Gulp*

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