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Treo Pro Now Available in Latin America

Tue Nov 25, 2008 - 10:27 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

Palm Inc. today announced the Treo Pro smartphone is now available in Latin America from carriers in seven countries:

  • Argentina (Personal, Movistar, and Claro/America Movil)
  • Chile (Entel)
  • Costa Rica (ICE)
  • Guatemala (Claro and Tigo)
  • Mexico (Movistar and Telcel/America Movil)
  • Panama (Movistar)
  • Puerto Rico (Claro/America Movil)

Looks like a lot more people will now be able to enjoy the Palm Treo Pro, which is an easy-to-use smartphone for businesses that want to simplify their IT infrastrctures and lower costs. The average smartphone user can also enjoy the Treo Pro. The Treo Pro runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

Of course you can get the Treo Pro here in the states, but you'll have to buy it unlocked at the moment as there aren't any carriers yet. We are hearing rumors that Sprint will be getting the Treo Pro in January, and we don't have very long to see if those rumors pan out.

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