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Palm Pre Accessories

Fri Jan 9, 2009 - 8:47 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Palm's website shows some Palm Pre accessories that will soon be available. They show the Palm Touchstone Charging Dock, which is coming soon. The Touchstone is really neat. It's one of the coolest gadget accessories I've ever seen. You attach the Touchstone to your desk. Non-slip material securely fastens dock to tables, desks, and other surfaces, and prevents dock from moving when phone is removed. Be sure to watch TreoCentral's Massive Hands-On Video of the Palm Pre because you can see some great footage of the Touchstone. Peter Skillman from Palm demonstrates the Touchstone and shows that even when the Touchstone is dirty, it will still stick to just about any surface. Sweet! See a few screenshots from the video below.

There are no cables or connectors required to attach your phone to the dock, which is really nice. You simply place your Palm Pre on the Touchstone and the magnets inside the Touchstone quickly align your phone in the correct position for charging. You can charge your Palm Pre while you're checking your calendar, making a call, or watching videos in portrait or landscape mode. Sweet! Palm's site says that the Palm Touchstone will charge the Palm Pre in approximately four hours. Well, I'll be making a spot for the Touchstone on my computer desk for sure! ;-)

Palm's website notes:

Requires Palm Pre back cover for Touchstone charging dock, sold separately.

Palm's website also shows a Slip Case for the Palm Pre. The description says, "This simple leather pouch with a splash of color becomes your Palm Pre’s second skin. The high quality leather with contrasting stitching at the seams retains its shape when you pull out your phone. And the splash of color inside makes it anything but ordinary."

Another accessory for the Palm Pre is the Vehicle Power Adapter. This small, sleek car charger includes a removable 2.5 foot (76cm) microUSB cable for easy storage. So when you get where you're going, you can easily store it out of sight.

You can use the Vehicle Power Adapter for other Palm microUSB devices as well. Gotta get one for my Treo Pro.

I noticed yesterday that Palm's website at first had 8 accessories for the Palm Pre. Sometime during the day Palm removed 5 of those accessories and left the Touchstone, Slip Case, and the Vehicle Power Adapter. I just happened to have gotten a screenshot of the accessory page before it was changed because I was taking screenshots right and left for my articles. You can see the 5 accessories above that were removed from the site.

I of course don't know why those particular accessories were removed, especially the 3.5mm stereo headset. A 3.5 stereo headset is certainly an accessory for the Palm Pre that I'd like to see.

I'd also like to see some more cases for the Palm Pre. Hopefully Palm will make a nice Leather Side Case like they did for the Treo Pro.

I'd like to see some cutsom fitted cases for the Palm Pre that would show off the unique shape. These could be leather or hard cases.

There are some really cool cases for the iPhone that let you use the device while in the case. My husband and I both had an IvySkin iPhone XyloT2 Touch-Thru Hard Case. I saw that The iPhone Blog Store has a similar case by Case-Mate for the iPhone, the Case-Mate Naked Case for iPhone 3G. I would absolutely LOVE to see a case like that for the Palm Pre!

I would also hope to see some kind of body skin guards and screen protectors become available.

Some cool Bluetooth headsets would be nice too, of course. Palm has some Palm branded BT headsets out there, so hopefully they'll make one for the Palm Pre too.

You can check out the Palm Pre at Palm's website.

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