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Sprint Customers 'Bowled' Over With Exclusive Content

Thu Jan 29, 2009 - 12:27 PM EST - By Annie Latham


Last week Sprint put out an announcement which talked about the exclusive Super Bowl XLIII wireless content and superior wireless coverage they will be offering their customers. The content, via NFL Mobile Live, an exclusive application from Sprint, will include official Super Bowl XLIII press conferences along with player/coach interviews, breaking news and analysis (courtesy of a live stream from the NFL Network). To access it, Sprint customers/fans can download NFL Mobile Live or text "TAMPA" to 7777* using Sprint or Nextel service. It is available at no additional cost to Sprint data plan subscribers.

According to Sprint, NFL Mobile Live "has been popular with Sprint subscribers -- reaching 1 million downloads faster than any other application in Sprint's history -- and it's another exclusive benefit available only to Sprint customers."

Note: Sprint used the word exclusive six times in their press release.

Content Highlights include:

  • A recap of the season for both SBXLIII teams, keys to the game, rosters, stats, in-depth game analysis and opinion, polls, video highlights of past Super Bowls, and a guide to Tampa Bay, which includes information on Super Bowl events and attractions and a ZAGAT restaurant guide for the area.
  • Super Bowl XLIII-specific news and information, Super Bowl archive video highlights, and blogs offering insights and commentary from NFL Network's Adam Schefter and Rich Eisen.

From a wireless coverage standpoint, Sprint said they have powered up their wireless and wireline networks permanently to the tune of more than $49 million throughout Florida and $11 million in the greater Tampa area. They also created temporary COWs (cells on wheels), which they plan on strategically placing at high-traffic locations, to accommodate the increased voice and data traffic.

Test Driving NFL Mobile Live

During the season I wasn't very motivated to download this application since NFL information was readily available from a number of sources. But I'll admit that this "exclusive" thing got me curious, so I decided to give it a try.

I was a bit concerned that this app would be a memory hog. That certainly wasn't the case as it weighed in at a mere 2.6K and found a place for itself on my app menu in no time.

When I started it up, I was given the following options:

  1. NFL.com
  2. NFL Network Super Bowl Coverage
  3. Adam Schefter Exclusive Blog
  4. Personalize for Super Bowl XLIII

I hit number 2, because I was curious to view something I don't get with my current Comcast service – the NFL Network.

When it loaded, using the Kinoma media player, I was immediately greeted by crystal clear images and audio... for commercials from Monster (job board), Snickers (new candy bar), Samsung (HD TV), Miller High Life (promoting their 1-second Super Bowl ad) and then an ad for the NFL Network itself.

I began to wonder if this Total Access was going to turn out to be Total "Ad-cess." My fears were allayed when a LIVE interview with Doug Williams -- Super Bowl MVP and formerly of Tampa Bay Buccaneers - popped up.

The video/audio was so great that it was like my Centro had been converted to a miniature TV. Since the segment was quite long, I eventually bailed out, only to return later to see who would be interviewed next.

It was an enjoyable interview with Warren Sapp (former Tampa Bay Buc and Oakland Raider) and Michael Strahan (former NY Giants). During my "First Look" I also had a chance to watch a lively discussion about Jon Gruden's firing.


Honestly, I found NFL Mobile Live highly addictive. In fact, I figured out that I could easily prop my Centro up next to my Mac where it could draw energy from the USB port, and then watch it for hours. But since I had writing to do, I nixed that idea. The battery life of the Centro can serve as a viewing regulator. In my testing period, after 15 minutes of viewing, my battery was down 11%. The trick is to probably watch it in little bursts when you want to take a break.

If you are a Sprint customer with an unlimited data plan AND want to stay "in tune" with what's going on in Tampa Bay this week leading up to the big game on Sunday, you should give NFL Mobile Live a tryout.

...One more comment... It felt really weird to be watching Total Access "presented by BlackBerry" on my Centro. Oh well!

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