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Battery Sled Available

Fri Jun 20, 2003 - 10:45 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

There has been a long wait for the Treo 300 battery sled, but it appears that now you can finally buy it. Walt Mossberg, in his Personal Technology Mailbox notes of it's availability.

"A: Sprint has just started selling a snap-on battery for the Treo 300 that adds four extra hours of talk time, for a total of at least six hours. It costs $89.99 and can be bought via phone at 1-800-974-2221, or, in a couple of weeks, online at www.sprintpcsaccessories.com.

This battery snaps onto the back and bottom of the Treo, and acts as a charger for the internal battery. I have been testing it, and it works well, though it makes the Treo much thicker and heavier."

Users on the board have reported mixed success in purchasing the battery, with many reps clueless about it's existence, and others ready to sell. While I was once told many months ago that it would work with other Treo's, it is not known if the final form factor will clip onto Treo 180's or 270's.

A sled battery of this type will also be available for the Treo 600 near launch, which coincidently just won CeBIT America Best of Show.

There are other companies that offer external batteries for the Treo to, abit not as gracefully.

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