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AirPrime to Power CDMA Treo 600

Tue Jul 22, 2003 - 6:09 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Handspring has selected the AirPrime EM3400 series as the CDMA wireless engine to power the CDMA versions of the recently announced Treo 600 product line. AirPrime, a provider of CDMA wireless access solutions for the OEM market, introduced the EM3400 series last month as the company's latest addition to its Helium 1x family of CDMA embedded modules. The EM3400 series, a compact full-featured CDMA2000 1x embedded module, outfits the new Treo with industry-leading features including comprehensive voice and data functionality.

AirPrime's EM3420, the dual band variant in the EM3400 product series, has enabled Handspring to design the advanced and feature-rich smartphone in an impressively compact size. The EM3420 module unlocks all the wireless features and applications for the Treo 600 including comprehensive voice services, SMS functionality and integrated assisted GPS for E911 compliance. Additionally, the EM3420 enables high-speed bi-directional data rates up to 153.6 kbps to power the compelling data-focused applications that come standard with the device.

The EM3400 platform is the first module available to the OEM marketplace based on QUALCOMM’s advanced Zero-IF based technology known as radioOneTM and the MSM6050 baseband processor. The high level of integration associated with radioOneTM, coupled with AirPrime’s exceptional design expertise, results in industry-leading consumer products that are big on features and significantly smaller in size. AirPrime is one of the early adopters of QUALCOMM’s radioOneTM technology and the new EM3400 series represents the company’s first in a series of new products based on this state-of-the-art architecture.

AirPrime and Handspring collaborated on the award-winning Treo 300 communicator that was introduced last year. The two companies share like visions for designing, developing and bringing to market world class and innovative wireless products, which is apparent with the all-new Treo 600. As the first device on the market to embed AirPrime's advanced EM3400 module series, the Treo 600 is based on the latest CDMA2000 1x technology available today.

"AirPrime continues to be an exceptional partner by consistently bringing us cutting-edge CDMA technology," said Joe Sipher, vice president of worldwide marketing for Handspring. "Using AirPrime's EM3420 module in the Treo 600 significantly expedited the development process and gave us distinct time-to-market advantages. We couldn't be more pleased with AirPrime's performance and support."

"We are extremely excited to continue our close partnership with Handspring and are proud to be associated with the revolutionary Treo 600 product," said Jim Kirkpatrick, CEO and president of AirPrime. "Our teams continue to compliment each other thoroughly and this synergy will be evident to users of the new Treo 600. Handspring has an unmatched focus on the overall product offering and consistently exceeds market and consumer expectations."

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