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Treo 800w Coming to Verizon? Believe it or Not...

Mon Jul 20, 2009 - 3:34 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Verizon to see a Treo 800w in Feb 2010?

Over the weekend, there was some buzz about the Treo 800w coming to Verizon in February. At the the Boy Genius Report, Zach Epstein made sure to offer this warning/disclaimer:

"Now before you get too excited about the bevy of rumored handsets listed below, we want to be extra clear in stating that this is rumor. A definite rumor. A steaming pile of rumor..."

As for the source, it appears to be someone named Snap Dude, according to Phone Arena .

At our sister site, WM Experts, Phil Nickinson cautioned to "take this with a big ol' grain of salt."

"Treo 800w was a favorite around here for a while. But Palm has followed it with the Windows Mobile-powered Treo Pro and, of course, the Pre. Heck, we were talking nearly a year ago about Verizon bringing the 800w and still haven't seen it."

Having played with the Treo Pro, I tend to agree. The Pro II would probably be ideal (but alas, I've started yet another rumor).


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