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Best Selling Entertainment Software

Sun Aug 30, 2009 - 4:07 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Palm OS -- Best Sellers in Entertainment Software

Note: Subcategories under Entertainment are Food & Health, Hobbies, Movies, Multimedia & Graphics, Music, Radio, Sports, Television, Video & Images.

1-- Softick Audio Gateway by Softick
A2DP/AVRCP Profile support for Palm OS lets you listen to stereo music via Bluetooth.
$19.95 (Free Trial)

2-- CorePlayer Mobile for PalmOS by CoreCodec, Inc.
Affordable, easy-to-use, multimedia playback.
$29.95 (Free Trial)

3-- Kinoma Player 4 EX for Palm OS 5 - English by Kinoma, Inc.
The premiere media player for your Centro, Treo or other Palm OS 5 device.
$24.99 (Free Trial)

4-- PDACookbook Plus by WakefieldSoft, LLC
Best-Selling app has 1200 free recipes and includes PC Cook Book App.
$29.99 (Free Trial)
Note: Will run on webOS Palm Pre with Classic by MotionApps installed.

5-- Treo Wallpaper Pack by Gx5
Gives your Centro/Treo screen a new and refreshingly vibrant experience that will captivate and inspire.
$4.95 (Free Trial)

6-- BookBag Plus by WakefieldSoft, LLC
Best-selling book and library database inventory software that also includes a PC Companion. $29.99 (Free Trial)
Note: Will run on webOS Palm Pre with Classic by MotionApps installed.

7-- Personal Audio Recorder PRO by Toysoft Development, Inc.
Turns your Palm into an audio recorder.
$14.95 (Free Trial)

8--Pocket Tunes by NormSoft
MP3 player for your Palm Centro/Treo/Centro.
$19.95 (Free Trial)

9-- RingMP3 by Tamoggemon Software
Let's you use MP3 files as ring tones.
$5.99 (Free Trial)

10-- Photos HQ by treoware
Capture photos at much higher quality than those created by the default camera software of your mobile phone.
$5.95 (Free Trial)


*DVD Catalyst 3 by Tools4Movies
DVD to Palm conversion app.
$9.95 (Free Trial)

Virtual Piano - Enhanced by Thuliumware
A virtual piano featuring a dynamic keyboard with enhanced range of 6 octaves, impressive sound and recording capabilities. Just for you!

For Windows Mobile (Treo Pro) -- Best Sellers in Entertainment Software

1-- CorePlayer Mobile For Windows Mobile / PocketPC by CoreCodec, Inc.
Affordable, easy-to-use multimedia playback

2-- PocketTV Enterprise Edition - MPEG Movie Player for WM5 & WM6 (WITH Touch-screen) by MpegTV LLC
Watch your MPEG movies (.mpg or .mpeg files) in fullscreen with unsurpassed quality. Free tools available to convert your DVD's. Simply the best movie player.
$19.95 (Free Trial)

3-- Diamond TV by DS-Info
Watch live TV on your pocket PC
$19.99 (Free Trial)

4-- HealthFile Plus (Pocket PC) by WakefieldSoft, LLC
PERSONAL HEALTH and MEDICAL INFORMATION software with PC COMPANION: prescriptions, insurance, glucose, weight, blood pressure, vaccinations, allergies, illnesses, surgeries, MORE!
$29.99 (Free Trial)

5-- DVD To GO - Convert DVD to Your Pocket PC ! by Softatics
Watch DVD and videos on your Pocket PC in great quality with stereo sound. Put a movie in your pocket with few clicks!
$19.95 (Free Trial)

6-- Kinoma Play by Kinoma, Inc.
A media center for your phone instead of a PC with ties to your favorite social networking and social media sites. Includes all you need to find, play and share video, audio and pictures — whether they're on your favorite web sites and social networks, your home PC, or your phone.
$29.99 (Free Trial)

7-- PDACookbook Plus by WakefieldSoft, LLC
Let's you carry your recipes, cookbook, menu planner, and shopping list with you for fast and convenient reference.
$29.99 (Free Trial)

8-- Pocket Tunes Deluxe for Windows Mobile by NormSoft
The easiest-to-use music player for smartphones and PDAs. Enjoy music, audiobooks, podcast, as well as Internet radio within a single application on your phone.
$37.95 (Free Trial)

9-- SPB TV - Stay Tuned On the Go! by Spb Software
Subscription-free live TV with a compelling user experience and fully optimized for viewing on mobile devices.
$14.95 (Free Trial)

10-- Pocket Player by Conduits Technologies, Inc.
Pocket Player is a rockin' way to enjoy music and video on your mobile device, with many media and playlist formats, Internet connectivity, plugins, and an intuitive interface!
$19.95 (Free Trial)


PDATuner PRO LIVE Online Radio & TV by Beta3 Ltd
Over 4900 LIVE Music, Online Radio and TV channels from around the world updated daily in your own radio & tv tuner - no future upgrades required as all live online

LobsterTunes by Electric Pocket
Listen to all your music and MP3's everywhere with LobsterTunes
$19.95 (Free Trial)


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