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Full-Featured Twitter Client for Palm OS on the Way

Thu Sep 3, 2009 - 1:19 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

According to the PUGcaster, Metaviewsoft is currently working on a full featured twitter client for the PalmOS Platform. blog post, he wrote about getting a sneak preview of 2TwitMe, which runs on all Palm OS5 devices without hassle.

"We are using 2TwitMe for the last couple of days extensively and I may say, it never had been more fun to use twitter on PalmOS than with this little piece of software. Remember iPhones can do it, Android, Symbian, webOS...now PalmOS can do it as well..."

Highlights include:

It currently supports receiving, sending, replying, direct messages, deletion of tweets as well as re-tweeting.
It uses small fonts in order to display more information at once.
Tweets can be scrolled by using the finger or 5-way navigator.

He also made it a point to note how 2TwitMe will surely become the first choice for all PalmTX users "because of the built-in WLAN functionality, it's bigger screen, a gorgeous on-screen-thumbboard replacement, etc."


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