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Palm Stock Scary...

Fri Oct 30, 2009 - 4:20 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Well, life was good at Palm with webOS, the Pre and upcoming Pixi garnering mindshare. Then came T-Mobile's myTouch followed by the Verizon/Motorola "DroidDoes" campaign, the BlackBerry spots during the World Series, not to mention HTC jumping into the fray with their own branding campaign, and suddenly, Palm's future, according to investors, isn't so bright.

Barron's Eric Savitz did a post in Tech Trader Daily talking about the scary happenings.

> Definitely, Apple's disabling of iTunes again on the Pre must have hurt.

> And Sprint's earnings call showed a noted shift in focus to devices from HTC and Motorola.

> A post by Motley Fool's Eric "Candy Thief" Bleeker was especially harsh.

> Earlier in the week, "the ChangeWave report on smartphone market share wasn't stellar for Palm (held flat month-to-month)

Maybe a sugar (Halloween candy) and sports overload this weekend will make investors forget the week that was -- where Palm fell from $15 to $11.59.

One can only hope.


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