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Jabra's New Promo Campaign Emphasizes Cures for Cellbow

Mon May 17, 2010 - 3:55 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Jabra, part of GN Netcom, the Danish maker of hands-free devices for cell phones, has launched a marketing campaign to draw attention to "Cellbow." This malady results from spending too much time holding a cell phone up to one's ear.

Jonas Forsberg, general manager of Jabra's North American business, told Marketing Daily:

"What we're trying to do in a fun and provocative way is show the benefits of using a headset, that using a headset will leave you hands-free and will give you the freedom to multitask."

There is a dedicated website tied to the campaign: www.gotcellbow.com where related videos can be accessed.

The first one features a group of men in a doctor's waiting room holding their arms and talking about their injuries.

By creating the Web site, Jabra is hoping to create a viral campaign that people will pass along both via e-mail and social media and through multimedia text messaging. Jabra is launching the mobile marketing campaign in multiple countries and across 35 wireless carriers.

Jabra products have become some of the most popular in the industry. One example is the Jabra EXTREME Bluetooth headset which comes with a convenient car charger and headset holder so you can charge your headset in the car between calls.

Note: Other Jabra headsets can be found here.


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